Your Fave Theologian Is Problematic: a call for guest posts


English: German stamp, showing Karl Barth. Deu...

English: German stamp, showing Karl Barth. Deutsch: Deutsche Briefmarke, die den Theologen Karl Barth zeigt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For freedom february, I thought it would be interesting to have guest posts by friends and participants to the series “Your Fave Theologian Is Problematic. I got the idea one night as I was staying up late one night last year, reading through all the problematic stuff that our favorite celebrities do on the Tumblr, Your Fave Is Problematic. One of the problems I have come across in theology is that rather than doing biography of religious thinkers, many theologians both on the liberal side of things and conservative evangelicals are doing more hagiography (writing these persons as saints). [h/t to J.Kameron Carter for that insight] One can see this in the push back last year with online discussions about Karl Barth, and recently with his student, John Howard Yoder.

So, in  a similar spirit to Your Fave Problematic, I am opening the floor to writers/bloggers from any and all perspectives to discuss which theologians or Christian writers whose work they appreciate, but may be problematic in some or many respects.  If there’s some new and oh so chic blogger or theologian out there that just gets under your skin, or someone who you just think is just a big mean meanie pants, then this series is right for you.

Lastly, the point of this series IS NOT TO MAKE people so upset that they stop reading their fave theologian all together.  What I am aiming for is a theology that is  more of a “critically concious fandom” that makes us aware of our own biases.

My goal is to have guest posts *in intervals throughout the year*; I have even set up a Tumblr for this series: Your Fave Theologian Is Problematic Tumblr

If you would like to participate in this series, tweet at us on the Twitters at @Political_Jesus, message us on our Facebook page, send us fan mail/a message on Tumblr, or simply use the Contact Us page on this site, or send us an email at politicaljesus [a]

*post has been edited to reflect time changes and the Problematic Theologies Tumblr*

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