Yahweh’s Blue Yonder: Those Deep Sea Blues

Just as important in any movement of social justice is art. I’ve always been fascinated by the role of art and narrative in movements of social justice.

As such, I’ve decided to contribute my own creative writing work into the fray of beings who literally are unable to speak for themeselves.  I was inspired by the documentary, ‘Blackfish’ and the subject is Tilikulm- amongst the most tortured beings held in captivity.


So without further ado, I present to you:

‘Those Deep Sea Blues’

Thrilled, wowed amazed…

My eyes, the audience, the world – they gaze…

That majestic tail, that erect fin, the black purity of his skin


 SPLASH! The glittering droplets with each crash, glide and flip through the water – gasp!

But should you peak into his eyes, you catch a glimpse of his demise


in his eyes…

the maelstrom of a young man missing his mama

    the anguish of abeing the priviledge porpoise

The thunderous clap, the roaring praise

SPLASH! The beloved creature dives back down into the azure mask, away from the crowd

His deep blue tears mix with the water’s deep blue hues as he steady hums those deep sea blues

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Like a Lotus: Born into the murky, muddy waters I was, l ived, I breathed In awe of starry veil above me and the verdant radiance around me I gazed, I glowed, I gasped Striken with gale winds I braced, I fell, I felt Like a dove He descendeth He is, He lives, He breathes Like a lotus summoned by the sun’s rays I opened, I blossomed, I live #AnaBlacktivism

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