Worse Than The Patriot's Bible: David Barton's The Founders' Bible

At this point, I just don’t see any renewal of Christianity taking place in the United States without the demon of nationalism being exorcized. Three years ago, it was the The Patriot’s Bible oh that just so happened to be printed with the rise of the Tea Party. Now, just in time for the 2012 elections, we have the The Founders’ Bible brought to us by the same people who gave us William P. Young’s The Shack. If you wanna know how I feel about that book, just look at the very top header, and my series on that subject (spoiler alert: it’s not about its theology, but its view of humanity).

The Founders’ Bible will be promoting the idea that “America stands at the crossroads of human history, once revered and respected throughout the world for its exception­alism, a gleaming “city set on a hill” as a beacon of enduring freedom” and it now more than ever needed since America is a victim of so much persecution ( I call playing the Victim Card for $200, Alex). It’s gonna have propaganda articles written by “noted signature historian David Barton, the Founder and President of WallBuilders.”

This is so sad; as many scholars and thinkers have noted, David Barton continues to whitewash history, spread lies and propaganda all to profit for his Dominionist agenda. It’s disgusting to see Christianity in the USA become so desperate for leadership it has to rely on a lying propagandist. Shiloh Road Publishers makes me sick.

Joel Watts has also added his commentary on the subject.

58 thoughts on “Worse Than The Patriot's Bible: David Barton's The Founders' Bible

  1. Charles

    Weyoun: “All this talk of gods strikes me as nothing more than superstitious nonsense.”
    Damar: “You believe that the Founders are gods, don’t you?”
    Weyoun: “That’s different.”
    Damar: [laughs] “In what way?”
    Weyoun: “The Founders ARE gods.”

  2. hal goldman

    The elephant in the Room: The society we now look at is not working. So if what we are doing is not working; doing more of the same thing is insanity (Doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result…) Any sojourner traveling a route that is taking them where they do not want to go, looks back to the last place that they knew the were on track. That seems to be what this David Barton is Doing. So how do you differ in your view point?

    1. RodtRDH Post author

      David Barton wants us to go back to the past, and to believe the lies he builds about history without the facts. Example, his praise of Jefferson as a Christian is a flatout lie, Jefferson even cut out portions of the Bible that refer to miracles and Jesus’ deity.

      I am looking forward to the New Creation, truth about historical facts.

      Huge difference.

      1. Fogis1961

        Thank you for your commentary. I would like to carry a more informative discussion when I am more informed. I have to admit I found Barton’s work only recently (past 12 months). So far his references seem extensive. while I have not checked every reference, I would say the ones I found when referencing events, quotes and material I was not so informed earlier, were quite solid (source material is my criteria normally). I would like to read this book and return to discuss if you would be agreeable.

      2. Scott de la Pena

        Thomas Jefferson was a member of the Virginia Bible Society and a generous contributor, which printed the Bible in it’s entirety and distributed it. In 1798 Jefferson personally helped finance the printing of one of America’s groundbreaking editions of the Bible. This Bible was a massive two-volume folio, which was also America’s 1st hot pressed Bible. This was a joint venture with John Adams, and several other Founders who were signers of the Constitution. He compiled Jesus teachings and miracles to write two books, one of which was TITLED; “The Philosophy of Jesus of Nazareth, being Extracted from the Account of His Life and Doctrines Given by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; being an ABRIDGMENT of the New Testament for Use of the Indians, Unembarrassed [Uncomplicated] with Matters of Fact or Faith beyond the level of their Comprehensions.” There is nor was there ever a “Jefferson Bible.” Please know facts before repeating lies told about Jefferson.

        1. RodtRDH Post author

          How sweet, Thomas Jefferson gave a lot to a bible society yet still didnt believe Jesus was the Son of God or the trinity or the inspiration of the Gospels!

          Still means he’s not Christian!

          1. lisa nieman

            Mr. Rod, this is my 1st time on your site and I was interested in reviews on this Bible but here I don’t find that. You only sound hateful. Calling someone a liar is not the same thing as a thoughtful or intelligent review or a body of work. Why are your comments so angry and mean?

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  5. Ken

    It is a shame that RodtRDH doesn’t know history. Had a minor in history and JD in law. Go back and study original documents. Read Jefferson comments about what he did regarding bibles and one of the two is available and it does not resemble what RodtRDH says. Go back and read United Supreme Court Cases and See what the Justices from the beginning up the 20th century had to say. It is a shame that so many people are just parrots and quote lies others have said. Go back and study books closer to the source years and find out what the US was all about and not what the liberals of today would have you to believe. Go to Washington and see the quotes of various founders in their memorials. Jefferson had many christian quotes there. Wake up and see what the liberals want. Slavery not freedom.

    1. RodtRDH Post author

      I’ll go back and read all of your recommendations as to say if you promise to read David Walker’s Appeal, oh, and once you stop claiming liberalism can be equated with slavery. It’s actually the reverse, conservatives are the ones celebrating Confederate history month.


  6. Howard Craven

    Have any of you liberal idiots read this bible? It just so happens that the USA is at a moral crossroads and Any bible , read and obeyed will only help.

  7. Nathan Hamner

    Although I disagree with your statements, I respect your 1st amendment right to apine your fact lacking speech! God bless, you are gonna need all the help you can get!

      1. Scott de la Pena

        feel free to cite one of Barton’s book that has been “debunked,” and the names of the Historian’s. Otherwise, it is YOU engaging in hyperbole.

  8. les gibson

    Your slander of Mr. Barton and the Founder’s Bible is disgusting and completely lacking any basis of fact.
    You revisionist progressives will stoop to any low to advance your agenda. Thankfully, you are very much the minority in this country and you will not win. The American people are aware of your game, and we will defeat you.

  9. Static Pine

    So, step up to the plate and lead. I don’t care what book anyone writes, someone will disagree. Sure, Barton is revising history, just as others have in the past. The problem with Barton is that his version does not agree with the version you agree with. That doesn’t make his untrue, nor does it make the version you agree with correct. Are your sources reliable or are his? I’m not saying your version is wrong, but unless you really want to step up to the plate and lead, what’s the point of rattling off? To gain attention? Make people believe you’re brilliant? What have you really accomplished. Yeah, I get sick of folks like David Barton, but I also get sick of those who denigrate the work of others, try to run it down, and offer NOTHING themselves. Show us something evidentiary. It isn’t that I believe you’re lying or wrong, but you make claims and don’t support the claims.

    1. RodtRDH Post author

      Pine, there have been people already proving David Barton wrong. I’ll show you a case in point. Professional conservative (mind you) historians taking Barton to task for his “work” on Jefferson and the Founders:


      That’s just one example, there are plenty of others.

      Lead? Meh? Accomplishment? Um I don’t need to brag nor do I need to share the same idea of success as you do.

    2. Christian

      “The problem with Barton is that his version does not agree with the version you agree with.”

      No, the problem with Barton is that his version does not agree with reality.

    3. stephen doyle

      His viewpoint on Luke19, to me his is trying to take spiritual instructions from Christ and make them apply to man in a worldly considerson.

  10. Static Pine

    No one asked you to share a definition of success. But if you’re going to continually denigrate the work of others, you SHOULD offer citations. Otherwise, the very people you are trying to convince will not be convinced – if they are worth convincing. Anyone can lead sheep down a path to destruction. Honestly, when someone quotes a “scholar” as a point in proof, that someone becomes quite suspect in my mind as one of the sheep. How about some original research?

    1. RodtRDH Post author

      I have already linked to rebuttals of Barton.

      Hey, I got an idea. How about YOU do your own research.

      And I did cite in my posts David Walker’s Appeal. Pay attention, and read my posts closely.

      Thank you, and have a nice day.

  11. Static Pine

    Rod, it looks as though you’re deficit in understanding the difference between “original research” and quoting someone else’s original research – which is known as a “secondary source”. I never said I thought you were wrong. You sound like my children when I ask them why they don’t like someone or something. The answer I get is usually some akin to “Just because!”. Well, thank you for you insight. By the way, to Joel, you sound like a Pharisee. To quote Craig, “Just sayin'”.

    1. RodtRDH Post author

      Pharisee, like the apostle Paul and Jesus?


      P.S. Static Pine,

      I have already mentioned my own research on David Walker’s Appeal. Again, read my comments before trolling all willy-nilly.

      I am not going to share it right now but anyone can access Appeal and read for themselves what Jefferson’s contemporaries had to say about him.

      The. End.

  12. Static Pine

    By the way, Rod, I’m comfortably familiar with Throckmorton’s work. If you’re one of his students, you might ask him what he thinks of the statement with which you began this thread. And if you’re one of his students, ask him why it is important to do your own research. And if you’re not one of his students, why then, do you hold with so much faith, his work? The two tenets of Grove City College – “Faith and Freedom” (Richard Jewell) Hmm. With that, let us truly ponder.

  13. Static Pine

    I always enjoy the name calling, too. “Trolls”, “Lurkers”, etc. And then to say “some have offered career advice”…now I’m just so flattered. Rod, you run off and tweet all over the place. You have such a strong agenda to tear down other people. You hate America. Admit it. You say things to make people believe you are a Christian, yet your real agenda is to tear down Christanity. You don’t care about what you call the “renewal of Christiany”, nor do you care about America. Nationalism must be exorcized? And replaced with what? Again, you offer no solutions. Reminds me of Jonathan Kozal’s book, Savage Inequalities. Tells the world what’s wrong with our schools, but offers nothing as a way to fix the problem. I wasn’t offering career advice. Simply stating, “Put up, or shut up”. It’s hatred like yours that you spew all over the Internet in an effort to advance your personal agenda. So, what is your answer? National socialism? It’s still nationalism. It’s just a different breed. I never said I disagreed with you, but as your blurbs go, you certainly display a very shallow understanding of this country as a whole. That’s fine. I, along with my brothers in ams, understood your type before we put our boots down in the sands of the Middle East. Go ahead, hate all you want. It doesn’t change the facts. And saying you aren’t a hater doesn’t change the fact that you are, indeed, a hater. Your bent is to prove to others that you are a worthy intellectual, not to gather the flock as Christians. Quit pretending you care about a renewal of Christianity. Love all as one in Christ.

    1. RodtRDH Post author

      Static Pine,

      You had me at,

      “You hate America. Admit it. You say things to make people believe you are a Christian, yet your real agenda is to tear down Christanity.”


      Yes, my agenda is to tear down Christianity AS WE KNOW IT KNOW. Thank you for playing!


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  15. RodtRDH Post author

    @ Lisa,

    Thanks for stopping by, but there are no excuses for this man. Barton and Beck are perpetual liars. If you claim someone was part of a religion when this person believed otherwise, that is a lie, and not only that, but Barton is profiteering off of a bold-faced lie.

  16. Shredhed

    Of the abundance of your heart your mouth speaks……

    I feel sorry for you that your heart is full of anger.

    btw name calling is a sign of someone who has lost the debate

    1. RodtRDH Post author

      Awww isn’t that cute? Someone thinks they can read my mind and know that I am angry. Are you a telepath? How do you not know I am happy-go-lucky and grinning all the time? cuz you don’t.

  17. Tim

    I have just received this book and have read the introduction and was surprised that Mr. Barton did not write the book, but was a source of information for the book. I am going to read and finish it, but even if there are some discrepancies, our country, no doubt, was inspired and non-relenting Puritans who persevered until they were successful in freeing themselves from tyranny. I would read this book before passing judgement on it and research our true history of our country like the author is before saying it is not a good book. I never read a book that I agreed with 100%.

    1. RodtRDH Post author

      Maybe I could provide you with such a list if I didn’t know for a fact that you are just trolling, evidenced by the second comment you tried to post on here?

  18. Douglas

    This is for all you bigots, i.e., “don’t confuse me with facts; my mind is made up”, I challenge each of you to – as I have – research EVERY SINGLE WORD David Barton has said. His commentary comes directly from Congressional Archives regarding the history of this great nation which, incidentally, was founded on the Judeo-Christian system of values (like it or not). Should you choose to take my advice, I would express my desire that God would bless you in your journey. In any case, this path would certainly be more beneficial than making careless remarks due to ignorance.

    1. RodtRDH Post author

      Yes, cuz a bigot has now been redefined as people with their mind made up.

      Judeo-Christian: Never heard that term thrown at me before, and no one ever defines it because it was something made up to separate us from those commies in the 1950s. You know, during legal racial segregation, among other things. Funny.

  19. Awakened

    Oh, you mean the racial segregation and inequality of blacks that democrats throughout the history of America have so favored. This is especially true of the slavery of blacks in the 21st century by telling them they are incapable of providing for themselves because of their unequal nature just because they are black. The lie of a democrat claiming they are liberal when they just want totalitarianism. The changing of the meaning of words like “Revenue” and “Investment” that really is just a violation of a commandment (Coveting others stuff) to make others slaves?

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  21. James

    Barton, not perfect, but is definitely part of the solution,not the problem. He takes pride in America, history, and is a follower of Jesus Christ. I’ve learned more about American history in a balanced way, intertwined with the Godly roots of our country than any other source. He is definitely a blessing vice all the other trash out there in written, song, and video form that bombards our kids,schools, colleges, and social media. Appreciated by this marine.


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