A Voice of Wisdom for Today's Foolish Politics

Yesterday, I was quite frustrated by the events that happened; I was sad that it happened, and upset with the false political profiteers out there looking to score points. I was going to post a very ungenerous post, honestly, but because I knew I was acting out of outrage, I digressed.

But for all of the trouble I give ole PolyWatts, he has indeed come through with a post. One can discuss the Wisdom Tradition & the tradition of religious non-violence at another time, but for now, I must quote Joel:

“We are not called to demonize or to issue vitriolic speeches. We are called to be Christ, moved by Sophia/Logos, to this fallen world.”

To read the rest of his very persuasive post, see here at Our Culpability: We Have Our Own Targeting Posters.

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