Why Don't They Stay Where They Belong?

“Why don’t they stay where they belong? Sure! That’s easy enough to say: why don’t they stay where they belong? The trouble is they have been told they were French. They learned it in school. In the street. In the barracks. (Where they were given shoes to wear on their feet) on the battlefield. They have had France squeezed into them where ever in their bodies, and in their souls, there was room for something apparently great. Now they are towed in no uncertain terms that they are in our country. That if they don’t like it all they have to do is go back to their Casbah.”- Frantz Fanon, Towards The African Revolution

I’m just wondering how this quote would sound today if we replace the noun France with USA/’Merica, and perhaps the they (Algerians for Fanon) to Mexicans or First Nations people? Would this quote still ring true?

Just thinking outloud!

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