0 thoughts on “Who Won the #GOPDebate tonight in Ames, Iowa?

    1. Craig

      Yeah, but you’re Canadian, so I expect you to be uninterested. Even I’m uninterested, and my undergrad work was in political science…what does that say. 😉

  1. Amanda Mac

    Sadly though, my Canadian-ness does not save me from the constant Canadian coverage of the US election.
    Why is the Canadian media obsessed with American politics? Oh right, because our politics are boring.

  2. Joel

    Ron Paul. I didn’t watch the debate because I refuse to watch anything on FNC, but Ron Paul – as much as I disagree with him – rarely if ever says anything just because a camera is in his face or to excite the audience. He is real – although sometimes really wrong – but he is the most honest to himself politician that I know of.


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