White Supremacist Talking Points: The Antiracists Are The Real Racists

White supremacy has updated itself for the 21st century but the history of anti-intellectualism (being anti-mathematics, anti-science, ignoring statistics that debunk white supremacist stereotypes) is something that has remained relatively consistent. The strangest form that this anti-intellectualism manifests itself is in the form of the argument, “How come the anti-racists are the real racists?” It’s a popular argument, I hear it and read it all the time. If a scholar or writer just merely mentions the word “race” or “racism,” usually, advocates of color-blind white supremacy will try to shut down the debate by calling them “the real racist.”

First of all, as I pointed out, and continue to do so, racism operates as a system, a set of practices. Whether the Paula Deens and Louis Farakkhans of this world are privately racist, I do not give a kkkrap. Racism is prejudice (the devotion to racist, appalling stereotypes like blacks as natural violent criminals because of their skin color) PLUS power (the ability to apply discrimination, to impact the lives of those not in power). Bringing up racism is not racist #sorrynotsorry Fox News. It’s an idiotic, anti-intellectual line of argument where conservative and liberal whites want to throw around their authority to dismiss and ignore the experiences of people of color. Appeals to color-blindness are just that: attempts to silence people of color who have legitimate concerns about the distribution of justice in society.

An example of white supremacist anti-intellectualism is the conservative tea-bagging reaction to the work of Derrick Bell. Not only did they work to misquote Bell, and to mount personal attacks on him, they also made some of the dumbest comments about Critical Race Theory, a topic talking heads from the right wing media pretty much don’t understand. For some white supremacists, critical race theory is nothing more than complaining POC scholars who have nothing but “anti-white resentment.” It’s gonna get quite confusing for these idjits when they start reading critical race theory by white persons or whiteness studies. Adding this “criticism” plus the larger taboo of dialoguing with Marxism as a big no-no, white supremacists show their true colors because they do not want their racist assumptions to be confronted. So what does white supremacy do when racist theories and whitewashed histories get dismantled? REVERSE RACISTS! ANTIRACISTS ARE THE REAL RACISTS! It’s both pathetic but somehow effective way to convince the Idiocracy of the rightness of white supremacy. It’s so sad this method continues to work.

Like the racist myth of black criminality, the white supremacist argument that “the antiracists are the real racists” is an argument built upon racist myths (the angry minority, the “objective” white subject) that is meant to silence any criticism of white supremacy. No, the real racists are the defenders of racist institutions and practices. The real racists are those who continue to whitewash history and cultural media in the name of the “free market.” The real racists are the ones who are the most likely to ignore statistics and facts in the name of the their ideology and “patriotism.” And this is part of the reason why anti-racism movements and theories will continue to be unpopular in the US of A.

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  1. Ken Leonard

    “The most racist people I know are black people” – heard too many times to count.

    Suddenly it’s supposed to be out of bounds to point out injustice, because the oppressors feel oppressed when not allowed to oppress. Which requires that you accept that they should be entitled to do so. This is kind of like Pat Robertson claiming that Christians in America are the worst-treated target group in history. It’s maniacal hyperbole gone amok.

    Well said, Rod. Well said, indeed …

    1. RodtRDH Post author


      Didn’t you know Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the real racists? They are the ones making money off of starting racial troubles!!!!

  2. Curt Day

    I was torn with this article. According to this article here, the only difference between prejudice and racism is one’s status, one’s position in society. At the same time, we spend our time ranting and raving against racism but not against prejudice.

    At the same time, if more Whites were honest, we deserve the anger of minorities and we deserve punishment because of our active and passive support for systemic racism regardless of the absence of personal racism. This might be the reason why so many Whites like Martin Luther King. That is because of his character, he gave us a get out of jail card free while allowing us to appear to be addressing the problem of racism. These Whites had an opportunistic affection for King rather than a principled one. This is one of the points I made in my blog post on Zimmerman, Alexander and McDonald (click here ).

    Though I am torn, I very much appreciate this and your other posts on racism. Thank you.

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  4. Joel

    The firestorm over Obama’s recent speech has made me realize how serious racial problems still are in this country. A lot of people are saying he’s deliberately trying to incite racial violence (while saying the exact opposite, that tricksy devil!) and setting back race relations 40 years.

    Of course plenty of political groups, including progressive ones, use much more inflammatory rhetoric than anything in his speech all the time.

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  8. Ken Leonard

    I’m having a conversation online right now in which one person is using the White Supremacist Talking Points, possibly in the order you posted them.

    It’s really, really sad.

    But we just went from black-on-black crime to “you brought up race, not me” and so on …

    I agree with Curt’s comment (realizing that it’s over a year old now):

    “if more Whites were honest, we deserve the anger of minorities and we deserve punishment because of our active and passive support for systemic racism regardless of the absence of personal racism.”

    Abso-freaking-lutely. And if we aren’t aggressively part of the solution, then we are definitely part of the problem. Allowing ourselves to benefit from the problem makes us guilty.


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