White Supremacist Talking Points: Black On Black Crime #TrayvonMartin

“1. To begin, the fact that the term “black-on-black crime” exists in our lexicon, but not the term “white-on-white crime,” is one of the clearest signs that racism is a guiding principle in this country. And all one needs to do is look at the facts: 94% of all crimes committed against black people are committed by black people; 86% of all crimes committed against white people are committed by white people. Surely, 86% is a number at which we can safely say that white-on-white crime is a very serious problem. Yet, we never do. The term is not in the dictionary. There is no Wikipedia entry for it. It is not browbeaten into the public consciousness. The media makes little to no mention of this term. There are no news specials dedicated to looking at this problem. Neither Oprah nor Barack have touched on the topic. As a result, black people are scapegoated and pathologized as especially criminal when, in reality, we are merely, pretty much, keeping pace with the rest of a society that thrives on violence. If black people are being asked to focus on black-on-black crime, then why aren’t white people being asked to focus on white-on-white crime? Why are some people so focused on black-on-black and black-on-white crime, but get upset when we focus on white-on-white or white-on-black crime?”

Son of Baldwin, FAILSAFE

As I continue my series on White Supremacy Talking Points, I am narrowly focusing on the stereotype of black criminality. It is not just a stereotype that is put forth by the media. “Black criminality” is a myth so pervasive in our racist society that it is viewed as “scientific” and “historic” fact. The criminality and violence of whites in history is avoided being talked about all together. No one can bring up the facts of the history of First Nations people (for an example outside anti-black racism) without talking about white violence. This is why from elementary school to white supremacist neoliberal institutions called universities today, students of all races can go through history courses without reading or hearing about the brutal mistreatment of Native American tribes. Or this abuse and colonial violence will be whitewashed into a few white guilt trips before the class moves on into the triumph of white progressivism (and its racism) over historic oppressions.

White Supremacists of all political stripes love to talk about black on black crime. It’s a dated white supremacist talking point that has been in existence since the Nixon Era (in my estimates, because it’s a post-Civil Rights racist myth). The question I put before is this, why is not “white on white crime” a special category for gun, knife, and other violent felonies? While white racist conservatives and liberals claim that black criminality is a given, the numbers speak otherwise. As I mentioned in my last post, white supremacists do not care about facts or numbers, (history be damned! mathematics be damned!); what matters is the maintaining of white supremacy as the leading principality in U.S. American society. Trayvon Martin was depicted as a drug user (re: THUG, criminal), yet black Americans make up only 12% of all drug users, but 32% of all drug arrests. Whites are almost 7 times as likely as blacks to consume illicit, illegal drugs, but because blacks are the poster children of criminality in a white supremacist society, blacks are the drug-dealing Others, the transgressors of our great society.

84% of whites are killed by other white people; it’s 86% for blacks: a margin of what, 2% in these numbers. Again, something does not add up: white supremacy does not like science or mathematics. White supremacy defies logic, that’s why anti-black racism is irrational. The reason for white on white crime/black on black crime has nothing to do with race, but rather proximity; racism serves as a cloak for xenophobia and “stranger danger” when in reality the perpetrators of crime are more likely to violate the rights and bodies of people who are in the closest proximity to them (familiar danger, if you must). This is why churches and Christian magazines work so hard to cover-up cases of abuse: we want to continue false myths that the institutions we have always trusted are “safe places,” “sacred” and without defilement; in this way, we can keep blind allegiance to the authorities in these institutions.

Bottom line: The racist notion of black on black crime is a white supremacist talking point. It is a white supremacist talking point to maintain the false myths of white racial innocence and therefore moral superiority and black criminality and therefore black racial depravity.

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  1. HollyW79

    You didn’t bother to mention that blacks commit murder ten times that amount that white and Hispanic do combined. Why not do a survey? Ask people of all races and nationality’s whether they would prefer to walk through a black neighborhood at night or a white neighborhood at night. Give it a shot and then ask all the black people who choose the white neighborhood how come they’re a white supremacist.

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