when progressives revel in cultural ignorance #CancelColbert

For my previous thoughts on #CancelColbert, see “men at work: how sexism operates.”

Very briefly. Last post on the #CancelColbert stuff. I just wanted to go on record with this. Recently, a progressive blogger posted a “Mission Accomplished” blogpost celebrating how Stephen Colbert had become victorious over the anti-racist slacktivists who “wanted” his show cancelled. Not only does the author in question get everything about the campaign wrong unlike my friend Jason, but he also managed to show just how much he valued cultural ignorance over cultural intelligence.

A few quotes from the Mission Accomplished post in question:

“I think I’ve made myself pretty clear about my disdain for people who are overly politically correct.  While I get the need to be sensitive towards some issues, it’s gotten to a point where I feel like sometimes people can’t say anything anymore without it offending someone.  Which I always find funny in a country like the United States where both liberals and conservatives go on and on about freedom of speech – yet both sides will often throw a fit when anybody says anything that they disagree with or find offensive.”

Oh and this goodie!!!

“I just think the people who were actually offended by this need to lighten up a bit. The entire tweet was meant to mock Snyder’s foundation by using offensive language in a fake foundation to show how ridiculous it is that Snyder created a foundation for Native Americans that includes a name many of them find highly offensive.”

So basically, what we are being informed is that the author regrets not having the liberty to offend people, even in the pursuit of a just cause. Basically, right wing attacks versus “political correctness” almost always boil down to a person desiring the right to offend other people. Because he is white, the author does not have to reflect on the racial stereotypes associated with the Colbert Report’s now deleted, infamous tweet. The author does not have to consider the racist laws that were enforced in the name of White Supremacist myths levied at Asian-Americans, especially during the creation of nation-wide railroads. In Texas in those days, one judge even ruled it was LEGAL to kill a Chinese man. LEGAL. The legacies of these injustices have been passed down through today, and ironic racism is still racism. Native Americans really do not need Colbert or Suey Park’s allyship, actually, and they certainly do not need Comedy Central’s hipster racism to raise awareness of the First Nations’ cases against being made mascots. Just look at the recent Navajo Nation vote (7-2) in favor of opposing racist sports team names.

If you want a good case for being culturally intelligent, look no further than this Guante youtube video. Class dismissed:

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  1. Ken Leonard

    At this point, I think that if someone uses the phrase “political correctness” or any variation thereon, it means that they have no point and no idea what they’re talking about.

    Yes, it’s true. There are things that people shouldn’t say. You shouldn’t drop “f-bombs” over Thanksgiving dinner with the family. You shouldn’t use the “r” or “n” words, or any number of other racist, misogynist, heterosexist, or otherwise-bigoted terms. If “political correctness” means “respecting basic human decency,” then … I don’t really have a problem with that.

    “I just think the people who were actually offended by this need to lighten up a bit.”

    But only a bit! That’s WAY better than the right-wingers, right? Right?


    Yeah, I guess not.

    This incident has really shown a spotlight, I think, on a dark crevice where racism was trying to hide. The question is, how many people actually care?

    1. h00die_R (Rod) Post author

      ““I just think the people who were actually offended by this need to lighten up a bit.”

      But only a bit! That’s WAY better than the right-wingers, right? Right?”

      Exactly, progressives can be just as bad. Maybe even worse.


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