When Is It Okay To Take Away The Bible from Other Christians?

Well, I say the Church vote to take away the Bible from two so-called “Christians.”

Of course, Fred Phelps.

But now I submit we should also ensure that John MacArthur, possibly one of the worst exegetes eisegetes in U.S. Christian history (and that is saying a lot especially with segregation and slavery), needs to have the Bible taken away from him. No, I am serious.

MacArthur on the Middle East and non-violent protests versus horrible dictators:

“After all, who said democracy’s the best form of government?” he said. “No matter what the form of government is, the Bible doesn’t advocate anything but a theocracy. Any form of government is going to self destruct because you’re dealing with corrupt people, sinful people.”

That is his eisegetical reading of Romans 13. But of course, its only his interpretation that matters, that’s why he can dedicate an entire study bible named after himself.

Thanks to Christian for the heads up.


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0 thoughts on “When Is It Okay To Take Away The Bible from Other Christians?

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  2. Brian LePort

    Now we know why the church kept the Scriptures in Latin and away from people for so many years! While I am thankful for the great risk of Protestantism, that we all can have an interpretive voice, this is an example of when it spoils.

    1. Rod of Alexandria Post author

      Yeah, totally the first thing that came to my mind. Ugh, i love being a protestant, but Macarthur makes me want to become Catholic .


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