What Happened to My Predictions for 2012?; Thank Goodness I Was Wrong!!

In 2011, I was pretty much on the mark with a lot of my oracles. In 2012, not so much, it was disastrous because I tried to think about too much: here’s my link from last year: My Predictions For 2012


The GOP did not take back the Senate. Glenn Beck did make a small comeback but Sarah Palin did not.The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street did lose influence due to the MSM’s power. Hillary Clinton has been on the rise in terms of politics, and the economy was slightly improved. Still looking for a Third Party to emerge.


We still haven’t dealt with our prejudices against “the Oriental” Muslim, Shikh, or otherwise. New Age Spirituality is still around, and mainline denominations are being divided of LGBTQI issues. Other than that, no big New Atheist voice has really made headway.

Pop Culture

No return for The Boondocks as of yet, no revolution from angry minorities has happened in Hollywood, however, Chris Brown did make a small comeback before his twitter fiasco, lols! Nerd culture did continue its takeover of the U.S., Comic movies did make a lot of box office noise, and Twilight AND True Blood lost a little bit of popularity. Lost Girl on Syfy was completely awful, I was in error there, but Being Human USA was great.


I was right about the USA’s men basketball team easily winning the gold. On hockey, well I was wrong. NHL fans, care to comment? Oh, I was right about the BCS changing to a Playoff system.

Well, I guess I was right on a lot of things, just not everything. Oh well.

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