Voice of White Supremacy Silences #CPAC Attempt At Racial Diversity


Today at CPAC, there were a group of Black conservatives given space to express themselves and talk about the history of black conservativism and how it could be useful to the Grand Ole Party (not to be confused with conservativism). K. Carl Smith wants the Republicans to attract more “Frederick Douglass Repubublicans” (you know, that dude who didn’t show up on that LINCOLN movie, and was an abolitionist and suffragist?), yeah that guy. Then, a paleoconfederate troll showed up out of nowhere to harass the speaker and the audience.


He informed the media and the crowd, that he and his people, Southern white males, were being “systematically disenfranchised.” Whoa! Doesn’t that just sound so familiar? Minorities can make this claim, and now so can the majority too! Furthermore, this dude went on to argue that we should be more like Booker T. Washington (more like, his white supremacist interpretation of Booker T Washington—without taking the lynching of black women and men into account for example). Blacks also need to vote, in Africa. Mister Terry, folks, is no plant by liberals, he is the face of the Southern Strategy.

What no one has pointed out from the video is that the group of young conservative whites around him were appalled, and it is these people that need to be speaking out. He does not represent Southerners, or conservatives everywhere. Mr. Terry is more of a symptom of the deeper problem in modern conservativism, and black conservativism at that: even in attempts to make a safe place for minorities to speak, hostilities and microaggressions still arise because conservatives (or liberals for that matter) aren’t willing to be honest about U.S. American history, empire, and the race problem

0 thoughts on “Voice of White Supremacy Silences #CPAC Attempt At Racial Diversity

  1. David

    Wait what? CPAC has gone crazy!
    Oh and this doesn’t seem like a micro aggression it seems more macro on the part of terry. Now the silence of the crowd also seems deafening and macro as well.
    Will there be a full PJ recap of CPAC?

    Oh and corporatations are people my friend and CPAC
    Is a DWEM

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