On my politics, For Scott and Joel: A very brief response

Scotteriology and Joel have been dissing my politics this whole week on twitter.

So, I would like to say a couple of things:

#1, theologically, I am post-colonial and liberationist and a pacifist; these labels I do accept. Churches should be leading the way in terms of peacemaking and demonstrating what liberation and solidarity looks like; we shouldn’t be waiting for the “gubberment.”

#2, politically, I am a left libertarian, with strains of Federalism (a national government protecting INDIVIDUAL rights).

#3, geographically, born and raised in Louisville, KY, and now officially a Texan, I am a Southerner, a black man raised and bred in below the Mason Dixon line.

All these things, which may seem contradictory to the naive, are easily reconciled. I have always been fiscally conservative, even when I was registered as a Democrat, and the only reason why I was registered as a Democrat (rather than an Independent or 3rd party) was because one of my parental units was with me and strongly encouraged me to do so because of Al Gore. Whatever. Philosophically, I never was a Democrat, and I could not stomach progressive politics, much like I could not tolerate the fascist-lite policies of Newt Gingrich in the 1990s. Why? It did not occur to me until March of 2008 that I had always been a libertarian at heart; in college, I was in denial. But to vote for persons based on his race or his gender, is ridiculous. Even when I did believe in affirmative-action in undergrad, I made a pretty weak case for it.

I’m a fiscal conservative, more so than even my mostly staunchly Republican friends (cuz they like the idea of government handouts to the rich and to the military). So when I defend this or that politician, I do not do so because I lack a critique of them; in fact, I own a Ron Paul shirt (a birthday present from a friend), but in my scholarship, I have recently taken aim at a writer whose theology may have influenced Paul’s and the Tea party’s politics [keeping it under wraps for article writing purposes]. I am more than willing to give a snap shot at a later date of my findings. There are some bloggers who can’t help themselves but post every article from HuffPo or the New York Times, bashing their least favorite politicians’ latest misquote. Yet, these same bloggers can’t ever seem to discuss real policy differences, because they are trying to overcome personal ghosts from the past, i.e., liberals trying to overcome their past conservatism, and vice versa.

Yet, that does not happen here. I could care less about Mitt Romney’s religion. Look at his abhorrent policy decisions. Romneycare. Ugh.

One last thing:

Texas still rules.

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