Top Bible & Theology Blogging News For #2012 #Biblioblogs

The other day, Joel made a list of the Top Five Biblioblogging Events for 2012 but he may have left out a couple of things I thought were important. Well, a lot of people thought they were important enough to keep commenting on.

1. The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

2. Emmanuel Christian Seminary’s March Towards Suppressing Academic Freedom

3. The Fall of Pseudo-intellectual Dinesh D’Shouza

4. Anne Marie Slaughter’s Why Women Can’t Have It All and my response to her trickle down feminism: Ain’t I A Working Woman: Race And Which Women Can’t Have It All

5. The Gossip Coalition showed their approval of racist paleoconfederate and evangelical church writer Douglas Wilson when they quoted him 50 Shads of Douglas Wilson’s racism. The TGC took down the post as Scot McKnight asked but maintained their endorsement of Wilson’s Paleoconfederate views. I added a reflection on rape culture and slavery: 50 Shades of Confederate Gray, Rape Culture, and Slavery, and I even took the time to review Wilson’s racist imperialist propaganda “Black And Tan”: Barriers to Racial Reconciliation: Black Evangelicals and Confederate Gray

6. Also, please let us not forget the children of Newtown:

Abortion, Newtown and the Feast of Holy Innocents by Katie Grimes

Newtown by Matt Emerson

School Prayer and School Shootings are not related by Craig Falvo

It’s Time To Repeal the 2nd Amendment by Christian Salafia

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