To @Oatmeal : Bartolome De La Casas Was Not A Hero #ColumbusDay


In fact, Bartolome De La Casas first introduced the idea of “relieving” the Indigenous people groups in the Americas of oppression by replacing them with Africans. “Recant” we can say Bartolome did of advocating slavery itself, but you can not retract the birth moment of White Supremacist mythology. Much of the case he made for why Africans were superior slaves (darker skin, more submissive, naturally more ‘athletic’) remain the foundation of anti-black/ White Supremacist practices today. One could say De La Casas was the New World’s first white supremacist progressive ally!

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  1. Ken Leonard

    I think that he’s benefiting from people’s short attention span and a (forgive the phrase) black and white view. If he disagreed with Columbus, then he must be a good guy, right? ‘Cause Columbus is bad, so someone who disagreed with him must be a hero.

    Never mind that he’s really just a different form of evil.

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