BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Welcome Our 3rd Member, Amanda Mac

Update: Amanda’s announcement on CWT

When Rod first began to blog, he went from Hope & Theology to (for one week) Black Libertarian Theology to Black Trinitarian Theology to Echomen Elpida.  As fun as those days were on Blogger, it was quite difficult and less fun to put together a blog post. So, one day Rod decided to move to wordpress, and it was a world of difference as Political Jesus, and the name stuck.

Those days, Rod was a one man-party machine, like Magnitude from NBC’s Community:

pop POP!

But after Rod began to sense that group blogging was the wave of the future, he decided to invite friend and former classmate Optymystic Chad. Things really begin to progress, as Rod and Chad used their male voices to talk about such things like comic books, science fiction, politics, oh, yeah, and that Jesus guy. But numbers do not lie (okay they do), but if Alexa is to be trusted, Chad and Rod’s audience was consistently predominantly male, which is fine, but Chad and Rod value diversity. So, the search for a third co-author would intentionally be for a female (oh, and not located in the southern half of the U.S either–thanks Alexa). It would be an added bonus if that blogger loved science fiction too!

In December 2010 on a blogpost at another biblio-blog, Rod half-way joked/halfway serious invited someone to join us. Via an conversation through e-mail, Amanda Mac of Cheese Wearing Theology agreed to join us March 2011, while still blogging at CWT as well. So please give a warm welcome to the third member of the Political Jesus Collective, Amanda Mac.

Fun facts about A.M.: She likes anything by Joss Whedon and other science fiction hits like Star Trek, attend seminary in Canada, is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society, married to Chuck. She prefers Marvel Entertainment over DC Comics, and is currently attending an Anglican church, which, for Political Jesus further making us ecumenical, since Rod is a life-long Baptist with Methodist leanings, and Chad is currently a youth pastor seeking ordination in the Presbyterian Church USA.

For more, check the About Amanda page.

P.S.: The GOSSIP Gospel Coalition has met its match: The Joss-pel Coalition!

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