The Very Very Very Very Late Patristics Carnival 33

Patristics Carnival XXXIII

Sorry for posting this so late, but good news is I did end up finding a lot more posts, so that’s good!

Here’s who’s blogging on the Church Mothers and Fathers:

Al Kimel blogged on St-Isaac-the-Syrian-preaching-the-astonishing-love-of-god/

and  the-scandalous-injustice-of-god/

and love-and-the-punishment-of-evil/

as well as the-hellish-scourge-of-divine-love/

and the-triumph-of-the-kingdom-over-gehenna/

and lastly, the good-news-and-bad-news: all-are-saved-satan-too/

Amanda Mac reviewed Did-the-first-christians-worship-Jesus?

Amanda Mac on the Apostles’ Creed and-what-really-matters/

As well as her tips-for-practicing-lectio-divina

 William Varner on Millenialism In the Didache

Joe Carter asks, Are environmentalists the modern-Gnostics?

Jim Davila on Gnosticism on the Radio

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf  asks Have-we-entered-an-age-of-a-new-gnosticism?

Ryan Clevenger on Principles-for-Patristics-10: the-specter-of-influence


April DeConick on the New Athena font

Roger Pearse on Cyril of Alexandria and Ingesting the Godhead as a dubious-quote

Mark-Sheridan-on the-homilies-of-Rufus-of-Shotep/

Larry Hurtado reviews  The-One-and-the-Only-God/

Michael Svigel wrote on the 3rd part in his series of 10-reasons-to-learn-church-history

Alex Poulos on Origen-on-the-ages-to-come-pt-1/Part-2/ ; Part-3

Anthony Alcock on the Mysteries of the Greek Alphabet

Roger-Pearse on-the-satire-of-erasmus

Blair Wilner on Gregory-of-Nyssa’s-homilies

Elizabeth on Thomas Aquinas and Intellectual Disability

Elizabeth on Augustine, Forgiveness and Silver Linings Playbook

Patristic Views on the Nature and Status of Scientific Knowledge by Jean-Claude Larche

Bridget on Catherine Of Siena and Hope In the Storm Tossed Church

John Slattery of Daily Theology: A Mother’s Day Interview with Julian of Norwich

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