The Powerful Witness of Voting In Local Elections Only: My follow up post on "Not Voting" #JesusPolitics

About two weeks ago, I wrote The Powerful Witness of Not Voting In National Elections, and today, I want to follow up with that, and talk about the Bible, and theology, and politics all together. Run and hide!!!

No, but seriously, today, I did vote, but I did not participate in the election ritual that was for the nation’s President. Our media is obsessed with rank and arbitrary power, talking points, and gotcha moments. As I educated myself last night about the one very important, and competitive local election for a local office, I watched a debate online, read a few articles, it was a toss-up (admittedly, I was leaning slightly towards one candidate) until I saw the results of the two candidates’ vote/action on Texas’ rape kit bill, and I was shocked. Pushed by Republican and Democratic leaders, and signed by a Republican Governor, the Rape Kit Bill eliminates a lot of red tape that Texas rape victims have to go through to just see the possibility of justice. It requires all police departments to submit evidence of rape within 30 days to crime labs. It would not have cost the state a cent! Yet, one of the candidates voted against this bill, claiming for economic reasons that it was not funded properly.

Let me put this into theological perspective. The male candidate, one of 8 no votes out of all the Texas Legislature, attends a conservative complementarian evangelical church. One of the times that I visited this place, we learned the story of the prophet Huldah in 2nd Chronicles 34, a woman who was a prophet of God, who lead Israel to bring back the Book of Deuteronomy. This church, ideologically closed to the theology of women as second class citizens, teaches that Hulah is not a prophet, she is only supposed to be called a “woman of God” since women can in no way speak or represent YHWH. Suffice to say, I was enraged not only for the women who were being excluded from the truth of this text, but because lies were being taught about the Bible. The text calls Huldah a prophet, in the original Hebrew. Think about that. so-called “inerrantists” who believe the Bible more than “liberals” and “moderates” only believe inerrancy as far as it affirms their misogynist ideologies.

So, yes, Franklin Graham I did vote my biblical values today. I voted with Huldah and the women prophets in the Bible. I voted no to a blind ideologue, regardless if others see him as a cookie-cutter Texas social conservative. I voted in local elections, I voted for either women, or voted against the incumbent in all of the races that had opposition. My ballot was filled with Greens, Libertarians, Democrats, and Republicans. But who did I vote for at the top? That’s for the next post!

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