The New Apartheids: Race, Gender, and Violence #RenishaMcBride #Justice4Renisha

SoB apartheid

“No woman should ever have to suffer at the hands of man.”- Canary, Arrow

I figured it was somewhat appropriate that I start a conversation about the Renisha McBride incident by talking about some of things going on this season of Arrow, just as I did with the 1 year anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s murder: Heroes Wear Hoodies:Trayvon Martin, Vigilantism, and CW’s Arrow. Travel back with me, towards the conclusion of season 1, The Undertaking. Malcolm Merlyn,

John Barrowman as The Dark Archer/Malcolm Merlyn

Image from TV Guide

the primary antagonist for the season has a plot that was revealed: to destroy the economically down-trodden, racially diverse part of Starling City, The Glades. The Glades is the Other side of town, where all the bad things happen, and Merlyn fell victim with the loss of his wife. His revenge leads to chaos and the loss of over 500 lives. And this season 2, whereas no one really cared for the Glades in S1, now politicians and business people are working like crazy to “bring the Glades back.” In the back of my mind, all I could think about was how racist Merlyn’s plan was, and how disproportionately the poor would be devastated compared to the wealthier parts of the city.

If there is one thing I love about Arrow, it has to be its realism, and unfortunately, there are a number of communities out there just like the Glades being destroyed by the policies of aldermen and corporations. Studies are showing for examples that racism costs the United States about $12 billion a year. The United Nations reported recently that racist policies are still leading to oppressed populations world-wide living in poverty. Anti-black racism is behind the recent court decision in the Dominican Republic to deny black Haitians citizenship, people who have lived in DR for generations. As patriot Edward Snowden has helped us to realize, racist policies drive neo-liberal neo-colonial empire, and vice versa.

Renisha McBride was only 19 years old when she went looking for a Good Samaritan in the suburbs of Dearborn Heights. What she received however was a shotgun bullet to the face by one Ted Wafer. Wafer’s lawyer has told observers not to jump to conclusions, to not use prejudice when looking at this case. See, that’s the funny thing about white supremacy as a system of death. It’s immensely hypocritical: enraged concerned citizens who just happen to be Black aren’t supposed to use bias, but his client was allowed to use prejudice when he decided to take a life. Aside from that, Wafer’s name was not given out to the media until today, in order to protect him. Because black people are armed and dangerous, they are the criminals that seek vengeance (but that’s not what history tells us, but white supremacy doesn’t give a damn about facts, though).

Economic violence and racial violence are interrelated. If blacks are held captive in cycles of poverty, they are viewed as both moral deviants and the constant dependents. Their dependency becomes something of a joke, and asking for help while black become a matter of life or death. “But since it has yet again become clear that black people are deemed unworthy to be helped, I am left to wonder how in the world we will be able to help ourselves?”- Brittney Cooper, PhD. The Neo-Apartheid/Jane & Jim Crow 2.0 exist on white supremacist foundations that darker skinned people are inherently criminal, and those with white skin are morally superior from birth.

The New Apartheids still mean that when People of Color go looking for a Good Samaritan, they will only find murderous thieves.

I can’t bring myself to write anymore for now, so I leave you with this video by Dream Hampton:

Link to Dream Hampton’s youtube video/documentary

“Who then is my neighbor?”

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  1. RelapsedCatholic

    Makes me want to watch Arrow. On a serious note, as a metro Detroiter I can tell you that the fear of the suburbs is pervasive. It has actually become more about class than race. We have restructured our lives so that Detroit is simply where we go for ball games and art, but then get the fuck out. We have hollowed out our urban areas leaving only those to poor to be mobile, and those to stubborn to move. Communities surrounding Detroit live in constant vigilance of criminals coming across the border. Which isn’t to say there is not real crime, but it is not proportional to the fear.


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