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This Week In #DCNation: A Nod To Black #DCComics Fans #GLTAS #YoungJustice

Mal Duncan

Mal Duncan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have in recent years come back to being a fan of comic book culture.  Rather than fawning over and reading Marvel Comics like Spider-man and X-Men, my love of Batman and the Batfamily has grown.  But it was always there, from the moment my parents rented Batman (1989) for us on VHS.  I was a goner. I’ve also come to enjoy, thanks to friends like Josh T., Seth C. , and Optimistic Chad, the Green Lantern, Earth 2, and Fables. The DC Animated Universe is where everything is at though. It is far superior to its rivals. Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice were strong again this week, and both, interesting enough had to deal what it meant to be a person. In the television series BattleStar Galactica, Cylons were created by man. They evolved, they became shaped like humanity. Were they human? Did they have a soul? That’s a similar question that GL:TAS asked. Aya is artificial intelligence just like the villainous Manhunters. Are they sentient beings? Are they capable of evolving beyond their programming, and if so, does that give them distinct personhood? I think the journey and questions that Razer has throughout this episode is very telling. To me, Razer is the most relatable character, he cares about justice, he is angry, and sometimes that gets him in to trouble. The rage of this good Red Lantern is contrary to the ways of the Green Lantern corps (Willpower) which seeks to control emotions.  I think the Blue & Green Lantern Corps have a problem telling the difference between different types of rage, as Razer pointed out. There is a righteous anger , even inspired by religious & political commitments, that can motivate us to do good.

D C Nation featured two shorts that I was “Meh” about, I just don’t like Batman/Dark Knight in Shanghai as it stands right now, and Princess Amethys, I just can’t get into. That being said, Young Justice was perhaps a big nod to black DC Comics fans. At the very beginning of the episode, Static Shock (well, Virgil) makes an appearance being interviewed by Black Canary.  The Reach have “invaded” Earth, excuse me, introduced themselves to us earthlings, but not before they kidnapped metahumans, or people with a special gene that allows them a unique capacity to survive after a trauma and had experiments done on these people.  For those unaware, Static Shock was a comic character, a black teen with the ability to control electricity. He was first created by the late Dwayne McDuffie,  in the early  1990s, and even had his own cartoon series. The episode continues with a few members of Young Justice being trapped in an alien force-field cage to fight Despero, who wanted to conquer Earth’s best champion. In the files of research that Despero’s robot minion, L-Ron had gathered, most of the champions on Earth were white and male, (except for Icon [the black Republican lawyer version of Superman], another Milestone Comics hero).  So, when Mal Duncan (with only the original Guardian’s helmet and no powers) stands up to Despero, the villains are thrown into confusion. Duncan and the rest of the gang trick L-Ron and his master and defeat them through wit, and with the help of Bumblebee (Karen Beecher).

At the conclusion of the episode, another “secret champion” of DC Nation guest stars: Black Lightening, who tried to help Captain Atom break open the force field that trapped our heroes. I found it interesting the parallels between the encounters of the Other/aliens the Reach and the struggles of black heroes to have their personhood recognized. Maybe it was just me but L-Ron making up “-isms” and accusing YJ of cheating reminded an awful lot of people who try to avoid talking about white privilege in the name of reverse racism all the while benefiting from it. I loved how DC Comics is intentional with this stuff. Last year, on JuneTeenth, Mister Terrific’s graphic novel debuted. This week’s episode of Young Justice fell right in line with The Black Comic Book Festival in NYC.

What did you think of this week’s episodes of GL:TAS and YJ?

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On the return of #DCNation #GLTAS And #YoungJustice

From left to right: Artemis, Robin, Kid Flash,...

This was such a disappointing Saturday morning. I was soooo upset to see more reruns of the Riders Of Berk not playing on Cartoon Network. Instead, we got (sorta-ish) all new episodes of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Unfortunately, I had to work the same hours the new episodes debuted, and I didn’t DVR it (lack of room), but I managed to catch the fourth replace on Toon Network West, and I was not disappointed.

In the GL:TAS episode “Steam Lantern,” Hal crashed from a portal to a planet that is oppressed by a scientist who claimed to have saved them from the Anti-Monitor. Hal Jordan meets this guy who calls himself the “Steam Lantern,” who was inspired by a GL who apparently wears a cape. Steam Lantern and the Duke Nigel Fortenberry both turnout to be frauds, with Fortenberry seeing that his solution to the Anti-Monitor problem was only temporary (the deal), so it was up to Hal to save the day. Young Justice:Invasion returned with more clues as to who was invading Earth: The Reach, but what is their relationship to the Black Manta? Also, what happened to Arsenal and BatGirl and Rocket? Questions to probably be answered in forthcoming episodes.

While I enjoyed GL:TAS and Young Justice:Invasion, what made me really so happy that I squealed with excitement was the DC Nation short featuring Black Lightning and his two daughters. That was just worlds of awesome, so much so, I was doing the Ray Lewis pre-game dance. What did you all think of the return of DC Nation?


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Alas, 2010, I barely knew ye…

Not true of course. I was there for every day of 2010’s life. Here were my highlights:

1) Most pertinent to current readers of course was my joining Political Jesus as a co-conspiritor. While I had been blogging before, blogging here has been a great thing for me creatively and spiritually. I also won’t forget to mention that Rod has become a great friend, and we now hang out socially much more than we did prior to our PJ connection. Cheers!

2)  The church plant that I started with some great friends had its end in 2010. Eikon, R.I.P. But out of the ashes, I have been renewed in my ministerial activities in my personal life and within the PC(USA).

3) I have taken on a great deal more responsibility at my home church and I am now preaching on a regular basis. The Bible study I teach is maxing out the space we have, and I am having great fun.

4) Perfoming my first funeral, and doing three funerals in a row. Not fun, but it was a great learning experience and I am blessed to have been able to help.

5) My family is doing very well. My wife had not been in the hospital at all for anything lupus-related in 2010. My children have now discovered a new love for comic book related cartoons and toys. My family was a great blessing to me last year.

6) I got to be an extra in the upcoming Green Lantern movie. Nuff said.

7) The Avengers cartoon and the Young Justice premeire were both amazing. Also, Batman: the Brave and the Bold has been a great source of enjoyment.

8) Made some great friends this year at school and I hang out with a small group of them Sunday nights, which is the nerdiest time of my life, but has nourished my soul. My nerd soul anyway.

9) Glenn Beck was revealed as the silly guy he is.

10) In comic news, the DC comics/Green Lantern event, Blackest Night, was a huge commercial and storytelling success.

11) As for money-making, I quit my job at the comic shop and started working as a machinist making airplane parts. Ironically, I am much happier.

2011, if you are any better than 2010, I might explode with pure amazing.

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