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Blogging Has Become Fun Again.

The past two weeks have been really fun and a nice break from the prior months blogging-wise. I decided that rather than pay attention to people I disagree with, the same people who just thrive on being the center of attention, and whose experience have been made the center of Amerikkkan Christianity, just to ignore them and not give them what they want.

So, I am going to continue to blog about what I want, when I want, pay no attention to the echo chamber, and do my own thing. If I want to blog about race and theology, for example, it will be on my own terms, and not because Paula Deen was exposed as a NeoConfederate. Same for anything else, church history, theology, biblical interpretation, postcolonialism, you name it.

I think also the advantage of blogging this way is that I don’t have to keep up with “my brand” because there is none. It’s just me and my friends’ interests.

So. Deal.

Be Patient: A few changes on Political Jesus

Just an update a a few changes.

First, I think I have decided against changing the URL for PJ for at least this year, I have been pondering it lately, and I guess keeping PJ seems like the best thing to do right now. I will probably add a heretic wing, I mean, Tumblr, eventually to cite quotes from favorite authors and GIFs from theological fandoms. I’ll just wait til the ‘T finishes updating its own site.

Also, today, I changed the commenting system from WordPress to Disqus. So be patient, if I haven’t answered your comment from the past day or so, I have to wait 24 hours from now until I see it, according to Disqus.

Speculative Thinking About the Future: Rebranding


For the past few months, I have had way too much time on my hands. When I am not watching television or reading or sleeping or eating, I sometimes think about the future. I still plan on doing a PhD in theological studies. The more I think about the current field of theology, I look at the persons who are at the top, the more courage and confidence I get, because I believe I can get to that level. Personally, I think all aspiring scholars should. No one should label themselves mediocre, because that’s what others will see you as.

When I think about the near and far away future (if God blesses me with one), I think to myself, what kind of pastor do I want to be, what kind of theologian do I want to be. Well, I want to be myself, and I know I want to do things my way. There are models for teaching and preaching, and I find them all dissatisfying in light of my evolving Christian theology blerd (black nerd) identity. As a blogger, I’m labelled as snarky and super assertive, but as a writer I strive for different tones, critically engaged, principled, and versatile.

When I started this blog, I dedicated it to my Christian journey, as well as the theologies of James Hal Cone, Stanley Hauerwas, and John Howard Yoder. As the years went by (almost 4 years blogging now), I have expanded from nonviolent and liberationist theologies to post-colonial interpretations of different biblical passages, to including pop culture. Sometimes I don’t think the website address reflects and at other times I do. That’s why I may or may not be considering re-naming the blog/address to reflect these developments. I never imagined I would have co-bloggers, but I do, and I am grateful for Optimistic Chad and Amanda Mac, and I am probably open to one more, preferably female for gender balance.

Some possibilities in terms of name changes:

Poli Sci Fi Jesus (a popular one being throw around)

The Comic Christ (the cosmic Christ without the “s”)

Jesus Loves Comics

Jesus Christ SuperHero (Okay, I just made that one up)

I am also open to suggestions.

Or maybe no change at all. I haven’t decided. I am still debating. It would also be at an advantage not to change in someways because of familiarity. Blogging is a good path to writing and publishing books, and knowing what audiences you can appeal to. But people change, and I am aware that I and my co-authors may have aspirations to publish books, articles, maybe even curriculum (the latter is a hint hint for one of them). I know I do at least want to write, theology texts, books on ethics, science fiction and fantasy novels, you name it.

So I will keep you all updated. This is probably the most selfish blog post ever. And I’ll accept that, since I’m a work in progress. I just really needed something fun and speculative and abstract to post about after all that went on this week.