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Yeah, so we are related?

My brother Richard has decided to start blogging at Africana Molinist. Don’t ask me what Luis De Molina has to do with Africa or Black people. I could not tell you.  Yeah, so we are related, but you could not tell from his interests compared to mine.

“There was the middle knowledge, and a God who is active in everyday life.  There was Black history and football and hockey and Christianity and theodicy. Not to forget sociology, politics, philosophy, religious studies, and just about other random thoughts. Life. Movies. Television. Did I forget to mention superhero movies and graphic novels/comic books? Oh, and Japanese Anime. Classic cartoons from the 1990s.

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Let’s do it, to it!


Interruption: A Blurb


The community of Brite Divinity School has recently added itself to the a few social networks:

Facebook Page: Brite Divinity School facebook fan page

Twitter: Brite Divinity School

WordPressblog: Brite Student Association

“Brite Divinity School educates women and men of diverse backgrounds for the ministry and witness of Jesus Christ in the church and world. Theological education occurs through scholarship, research and reflection, balanced by community service and practical ministry experience.”

It is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

The Week Among the Biblioblogs: Patristic Carnival XXXI and….A Store?

Thanks to Jeremy, the Biblioblog Top 50 lives on!

Joel Watts has been enthroned on the right place, number one.

As for Political Jesus, do not look now, Top 20, but we are coming for you.  I made it a goal starting in August 2009 to get Political Jesus to the Top 50, and we have made it, reaching #45! That’s for being all oh so chic and cutting edge, no doubt! Speaking of bibliobloggers on the rise, be sure to check out JohnDave Medina and Brian LePort’s Near Emmaus: Between Christ and Text; they have excellent posts on everything ranging from Athanasius and Origen (two of my faves) to pentecostalism and the emerging church. I have no doubt they will be joining me in the top 50 soon.

Jeremy also introduced the Biblioblogger Bookstore, an online Amazon store specifically for purchasing books written by Bibliobloggers. Check it out!

And despite Martin Luther’s objection to Christians listening to the Church Fathers and Mothers, Joel just plain ignored his advice and posted Patristic Carnival XXXI. Listen to Martin Luther, Joel, he’s infallible, remember?

That is all I have from the oh so chic and cutting edge front.

Truth and Peace,