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The Quest For A Kataphatic Theology of Scripture

Kataphatic: positive, revealed.
Apophatic: negative, mystery.

English: Lectio Divina Português: Lectio Divina

English: Lectio Divina Português: Lectio Divina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am just gonna lay this out there. I was trained in a seminary with liberal white mainline Protestant theology. With the historic criticism and different hermeneutic lens that I learned, came the price of prioritizing the human experience (as filtered and experience by white liberal Protestantism) over Scripture and tradition in several cases. Negative statements about the nature of Scripture and difficult texts and polemics were all too common, as if somehow we are so much more morally superior to these primitive Hebrews. Fortunately, there was no need to sign a doctrinal statement like some other place I know, so I was free to explore my beliefs and studies. As I got buried in my studies, somedays, I would not have time for personal devotion to spend time with God, and when I did, I would use the same Bible as I did my studies. Then the other day, I found this useful post from Amanda, Tips For Practicing Lectio Divina.

Perhaps I was too attached to the NRSV, so I decided to switch it up to the Common English Bible I have on my Kindle early one morning, and I felt some much better. It was like a burden had been lifted. But going back to a week before, I had been asking, after doing on some reading, what do I believe about the Bible. I know what I don’t think it is: a how-to manual or anything that fits with the Chicago Statement on Inerrancy.

What I do believe is that Jesus is God’s Word, and God’s Chosen Priest-King, and in that capacity, I must know the same book that Christ Jesus was familiar with and inspired. I don’t think there can be any Christian doctrine of Scripture without Jesus. Yeshua from Nazareth is my Rabbi, and my teacher who puts me in my Gentile, blerd male place. I look forward to reading Matt Emerson’s forthcoming book on theologies of the Bible, but you should check out his post on Method (Christian theology and the Bible) for linked here a preview.

I will probably post on this subject another time, about a Hermeneutic of Responsibility & Hope (using Bonhoeffer and others), and perhaps even talk about growing into affirming both the Free Church tradition and Creedal Christianity.

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When it comes to RACE, very little difference between #CPAC & "Liberal Seminaries"

A book inscribed with the Greek letters alpha ...

A book inscribed with the Greek letters alpha and omega. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I find it so funny that liberals like go all in on conservatives for having “the” race problem. Nonesense I say. Liberals and moderates like to use liberationist terms such as “systematic oppression” and “marginalization” but seriously, they haven’t given any thought to what those words mean. For as much as liberal seminaries talk about “inclusion” and “diversity,” the facts on the ground just do not reflect this talk, because that’s all it is. TALK!

From the Association of Theological Schools, here are the numbers to day:

“70% Male
30 % Female
79% white
6% Asian
8% Black
4% Hispanic
2& non reported”

From Numbers of Minority Faculty in about 300 Theological schools small: Cláudio Carvalhaes

So, in other words, accredited schools for theological education, many of them mainstream liberal Protestant in theology that give head nods to “diversity” or “multiculturalism” are still as hegemonic as ever? Really? People can be in denial of white privilege and structural racism all they want,but if institutional racism is prejudice + power, then schools of theology/bible colleges are just as racist as that dude who trolled CPAC’s racial diversity panel.

I leave you all with this quote I posted back in the day by James Hal Cone, from Black Theology And Black Power:

“The liberal white man is a strange creature; he verbalizes the right things. He intellectualizes on the racial problem beautifully. He denounces racists, conservatives, and the moderately liberal. […] But he is still white to the very core of his being. What he fails to realize is that there is no place for him in this war of survival. Blacks do not want his patronizing, condescending words of sympathy. […] However, there are places in the Black Power picture for ‘radicals,’ that is, for men, white or black, who are prepared to risk life for freedom. There are places for the John Browns, men who hate evil and refuse to tolerate it anywhere.”

Here is a link to the official survey from ATS:

2012 ATS Annual Data Tables

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If I Were A Rich White Dude Who Works for Forbes Magazine

This is a satirical response (what it deserves) to Gene Mark’s post on Forbes Online: “If I Were A Poor Black Kid”

If I were a rich white dude who works for Forbes Magazine, I would try to show how much I care for my kids’ friends from the ghetto. I would use the internet and Facebook, and even follow them on Twitter, or was that Black Twitter?

If I were a rich white dude who works for Forbes Magazine, I would reach out to racial minorities and urban areas through my church. Perhaps I could get the youth group to have a one-week mission trip to an minority-majority part of the city, on the wrong side of the tracks.

If I were a rich white dude who works for Forbes Magazine, I would listen to the music that poor black kids like, hip hop. I may even be open-minded enough to let my own kids try some of it.

If I were a rich white dude who works for Forbes Magazine, I would talk about the myth of meritocracy, and how we should still believe in it, inspite of racist histories or barriers that may still exist.

If I were a rich white dude who works for Forbes Magazine, I would advise poor black kids to buy an Apple computer rather than an iPad or iPhone. That way they don’t have to even walk the few blocks necessary to visit their local library and use the computers there.

If I were a rich white dude who works for Forbes Magazine, I would tell the poor black kids to do the impossible and get a job while being under the age of 14, and accepting minimum wage.

If I were a rich white dude who works for Forbes Magazine, I would recommend to poor black kids to listen to all the rich white people about the rewards of hard work and dedication, and that they too can live the Horatio Alger dream.

If I were a rich white dude who works for Forbes Magazine, I would continue telling minorities how lazy they are. Someday they might even believe it.

*If I were a rich white dude who works for Forbes Magazine, I think I would be smart enough to know that it is not likely that poor black kids would be reading Forbes Magazine.

*I am indebted to a text message from a friend (they know who they are) for that one.