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UMC Committee Votes To Retire Bishop Involuntarily

North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church may have made history Tuesday night. “The South Central Jurisdiction’s episcopacy committee voted Tuesday night to retire Bishop Earl Bledsoe involuntarily, citing concerns about his administrative abilities.”According to the committee chair, the “vote for involuntary retirement was taken on a secret ballot, with 24 in favor, four against, and two abstaining.”  While Bledsoe has taken credit for the increases in payment of apportionments (what each church owes the denomination essentially) and the average worship attendance, that credit really should go to the pastors at the local level.


Originally, Bledsoe had decided to step down on June the 1st, before changing his mind at the annual conference on June 5th.

For more, read the United Methodist Reporter: Committee Votes to Oust Bishop Bledsoe

Yes, Joel Does Have a Right to be Outraged

And you should be too.

Saving the church from Glenn Beck.

So it used to be that the church in the US, particularly mainline denominations, were divided into two groups, the left wing (like the Reconcilers) and the more conservative (like the Confessors). Now we can add a frightening third way: the crazy Glenn Beck wing.