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B(romances) of the Bible

Ok, this is obviously tongue-in-cheek, and is actually just a primer for future expansion, but we present for your review and update – What Hollywood movies would best represent these (B)Romances of the Bible (expanded to include relationships of all types).

Satan and Eve – indecent proposal

Noah and Ham- The Hangover

Abraham and Hagar – The Jerk

Lot and his Daughters – The (2×20=)40 year old Virgins

Jacob and Rachel and Leah – Sister act

Joseph and his brothers – the dirty dozen, 12 angry men

Moses and YHWH- Yes Man
Moses and Pharaoh – o brother where art thou
Zipporah and Gershom (her and Moses’s son) – Blade

Moses and the Promised Land – No Country for Old Man

Judges- The Book Of Eli

Ruth and Naomi – Thelma and Louise

David and Jonathan- I Love You, Man
Lover and Beloved – The Girl Next Door

Ahab and Jezebel – Superbad (Elijah can be McLovin)

Hosea and Gomer – Working Girl
Esther and King Xerxes – Princess Bride

King Cyrus, Nehemiah and Ezra- Old School

YHWH and Hebrew People- Me, Myself, and Israel
Mary and Joseph – Something About Mary (yes we did)
Mary and Elizabeth – Knocked up

Jesus and Mary- Wedding Crashers
James and John – Dumb and Dumber

Judas and the Temple Leaders – For a Few Dollars More
Jesus and Pilate – Silence of the Lamb

Peter and Paul – The Odd Couple

We look forward to your additions!

More Biblical than Mel Gibson's The Passion

Thanks to Polycarp, I found out about a new movie about the life of Christ. What if he came as an African?

Check out the preview for Son of Man!

Top 3 Bible Movies and 1, (okay,a few )that I dream would be made.

Matt started this meme, and Joel tagged me.

1. One Night with the King

I will be honest; I enjoyed this film in spite of some of the complaints that the director’s took a few liberties to retell the story of Esther. I think they did a wonderful job of depicting the Babylonian empire and the uniqueness of Jewish monotheism in the context of a polytheist world.

2. The Nativity Story

I like the very close historical accuracy in portraying the fear that was perpetrated by the Roman empire in this movie as well as the scenes where the angel of YHWH talks to Elizabeth and Mary.  Did I mention that the Romans look really bad in this movie?

3. King David

I do not remember much about this movie, but what I do remember is its impact.  I saw this film on television a few years after it was in theaters.  That movie caused me to obsess over the life of all of Israel’s kings as I read my small brown King James bible as a third grader and perhaps is partially responsible for my deep love for the Hebrew Bible.

A few movies that I would like to see made before I die.

1. I would definitely stay up, no matter the circumstances the next morning, for the midnight showing of Ezekiel. Nick agrees, and he cannot wait for Chapter 4 to be reenacted! 🙂  I just would like to see the whole alien chariot scene with all the special effects in chapters 1,3, 10, and then in chapter 43 when the aliens return with that weird chariot again.  It would just be so awesome; can’t you see it? I think it would be also great to add a touch of irony if the first scene of the film was a group of enslaved Africans in the 19th century singing “Ezekiel saw the wheel” and then bam!, flash back to the days of Ezekiel and King Nebuchadnezzar. Would be a wonderful touch I think.

2. The producers of 300 get together and re-tell the story of Gideon, from Judges 6-10.  Gideon had an army of 300 soldiers and they defeated a host of thousands.  A tragic story, about the ambition of a man who rejected the monarchy at first, but obviously wanted to be king.

3. The story of the prophet Isaiah, with sequels for 2nd and 3rd Isaiah, needs to be told. Maybe the director and creator should choose to start with chapter 6 as the beginning scene where God commissions Isaiah; it would be interesting to see how the seraphim are portrayed.  Okay, I just want to see the special effects!

4. Nehemiah and Ezra need to have their stories told as well because they experienced exile and were able to return to Israel to rebuild it. Plus, I want to see the last chapter of Nehemiah played out where he just goes off on a tangent, pulling hair and cracking the skulls of foreigners.

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