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Help Needed: Systematic/Constructive Theology Works By Women

Amanda is calling for a little help in looking for systematic or constructive theology texts written by women.

I’m working on a blog project, and I need some help.

Can anyone point me to systematic theologies written by women? In particular, from the Protestant, Evangelical, Anabaptist traditions?

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Book Recommendations Needed: Religious/Theological Aesthetics

I am most recently  interested in religious/theological aesthetics, or more appropriately how particular religious communities have a theology of what is beautiful, ideal and normative and its relation to theologies of prosperity/ health and wealth (non)gospels.

Any suggestions for starters?

Beck Talks, But We do not have to listen

David Horstkoetter at The Other Journal has an excellent write up, explaining Black liberation theology, its differences with Latin@ Liberation theology, and basically why Glenn Beck got it wrong for the most part. Okay, he got it completely wrong. But don’t take my word for it: “Everyone in This Room is Now Dumber for Having Listened to [Him]” : Setting Straight the Insanity of Glenn Beck on James Cone and Black Liberation Theology.