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If God had a Theme Song: The Meme

Jim West has invented one of the most heretical memes of all time (it’s a joke). Joel tagged me, so here are the rules.

“If God had a theme song, it would be

The rules for this meme are simple:

1- Pick what you think is a good ‘theme song’ for God.
2- Post your audio or video on your blog.
3- Tag 3 people (for obvious reasons- and if you don’t understand why, don’t participate).

So there is a slight difference between “Secular” music and “Christian” music, so I have chosen God’s own Song Writer, the Man in Black and his hit “God’s Gonna Cut You Down.” The message is just that obvious, but in case you do not understand, no one can run from God. No one. No not one.

Tag, You’re it!: Celucien;and Chad