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Sunday Funnies: Rap Group Public Enemy Sues President, Congress over Debt Ceiling Deal

Washington, D.C.-

The 1990s iconic hip hop artists Public Enemy has filed a law suit with the Supreme Court of the United States, alleging copyright infringement by President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders. Chuck D commented, “This debt ceiling deal violates our exclusive rights to raising the roof. Raise the roof because it’s all on fire. Not done by the sun or electrical wire.” When asked about the pending lawsuit, the President’s spokesman, Jay Carney declined to comment. Flava Flav added, “When we rolled into Capitol Hill, we was like, ‘we need to talk to the Speaker of the Hizzouse,’ but all they kept leading us to was this dude look like the Kool-Aid man, only he was orange. Did they change the Kool-Aid man’s flava or somethin’? Flava Flav!!!!!”

I Realized I Was a 90's Kid When

Joel and Mark became Da Bomb! Can you drop Da Bomb!?! (Criss Cross reference, old school)

Ah, the 1990s, a decade of nostalgia.  The TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Friday on ABC TV) generation that paved the way for the new TGIF generation (Twitter/Google/I-Phone/Facebook).  When I first heard that Barney was Black, I felt so embarassed and disappointed. It was like the worse news ever. No, seriously. And, the mystery remains, whatever happened to Judy Winslow?

For those of you 90s kids who suffer from Nostalgia,

Things 90s Kids Realize

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