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No More Shark or Dragon movies: A serious proposal for @SyfyMovies


Joel’s movie idea makes sense. I don’t know if Craig Engler could give him a chance or not, but I have another idea.

I feel that every time I watch I SyFy original movie, it’s either about a shark attack or a dragon attacking some poor medieval town. At the same time, I have time and again tweeted at SyFy’s twitter accounts with no response when I ask about a little diversity in terms of casting and themes for original movies. I once asked Craig Engler about why there hasn’t been any attempt to do an Octavia Butler novel-made-for-tv-movie, and the response I got really was not satisfying, that it was “too expensive.” Uh, no, copyright issues aside, Kindred for example only needs costumes fit for people living in the 1970s, and then costuming for the Antebellum South. No graphics needed really, since its a time-travelling mystery where an interracial couple experiences African enslavement.

Oh, perhaps that last line is why Butler’s work is seen as not-profitable. I’ll leave you to figure out what part. But seriously, how many cheap imitations of Jaws and King Arthur can you do in one year? And that Three Inches pilot ya’ll decided to show, was HORRIBLE! I want to see Syfy succeed and I want the genre to become more popular. So, here’s what I propose:

The SyFy channel should do a drawing, and the winners get to be part of a team to do a fan-written story, made for TV-movie on SyFy. I think you would get a lot of participation, and having multiple winners would give a diversity a chance.

A man can dream, can’t he?

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The Island of Failed TV Pilots and Shows, Part 2: FOX

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Well, Optimistic Chad and I are heart-broken: The Wonder Woman pilot bombed.

In addition, poor Craig Falvo had Lie To Me taken away from him. Also, Fox just ripped the hearts out of fans of The Chicago Code and Human Target.


Some good news in the Tv World for all you SyFy fans out there: WAREHOUSE 13 may be getting a spin off. Glory!


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