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Sweet Sweet Victory: Common Decency Does Amazon.Com In

In a stunning development that I just discovered through Twitter, AMAZON.COM has taken down that abomination of a publication.

Ah, Super Joel’s campaign worked, and that’s why he is a super-hero among us mortal biblio-bloggers.

Dun dun dun, dun dun dun!

Cue the Superman Theme Song!

Guess Who's Back? Back Again!

Rodney’s back. Tell a friend.

For the past several weeks, by some miracle, and I will say I do believe in miracles that are SUPRANATURAL, since God works within nature and history, I finished my thesis, successfully defended, only to have my laptop battery and a/c adapter die out completely before my final paper in my Foucault course was due. Fortunately, I was able to get to the library to complete my Masters of Theology courses.

But I am back. Get ready for more posts each week. I am taking a sabbatical for a year from the religious academy. Michael is the only person outside of my family that agrees with this decision. I think its for the best though.  I need to catch up in my reading, and I have, finishing books and such.