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Superman Returns

Superman Returns

Superman Returns (Photo credit: Michael @ NW Lens)

Every time I watchSuperman Returns, I can only think of how disappointing it is. There are folks out there that try to convince me to like it, but I liked it the first time I watched. After several viewings since I own it on DVD, I just don’t get why Bryan Singer, guy in charge of the first X-men movies, would ever cross-over to DC Comics and ruin THE superhero’s reputation except for the desire to sabotage a rival. Never get a Marvel Zombie boy to do a DC Comics’ woman/man’s job.

First of all, what makes Superman superman is his alien identity as Kal-el, he’s the Last Son of a DEAD planet. Destroyed. The idea earthly astrologists would find remains? UMMMMMMMM NOOOOOOOOOOO! Stupid. Lex Luthor (as portrayed by Kevin Spacey) just is not a bright guy in this film. I was watching this movie today, and the one word I had for this LL: PETTY. Yeah, he’s supposed to be giving homage to Gene Hackman’s version from the first two Superman movies, but ugh, I just don’t think it was well executed. Never have, never will I guess. Poor timing.

Brandon Routh was OKAY as Clark Kent/Superman for being a character that wasn’t well written. And let’s not get into the lack of originality from Singer and company. I will stick with my opinion that the Smallville Series finale made for a much better movie than this flick.

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Man Of Steel Week On This Blog #MOS

Superman: The Man of Steel

Superman: The Man of Steel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I declare this week “Man Of Steel” week on PJ.

I have plans to review:

The New 52 Superman (and why I like him and Grant Morrison)

Superman Returns

Superman Vs The Elite

Red Son Of Krypton

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

Season One of CW‘s ARROW

Plus my thoughts of a Justice League movie

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Raptured By Joy: The Smallville Series Finale

Lois Lane (Erica Durance) as she appeared in S...

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Tonight’s Smallville series finale perhaps was the most enjoyable series finale I have witnessed. That’s not saying much.  Conclusions: Smallville Series finale > than the movie Superman Returns, and I think there needs to be a debate but I still believe that Erica Durance has to be the best Lois Lane ever.

There were a lot of religious images throughout. I think that the writers played a lot with Clark Kent being sort of a Parable of the Prodigal Son times deux (Jor-el and Jonathan Kent) with Clark being the Prodigal, with perhaps Lex being sort of the eldest son type figure, wanting to be perfect, always outshone by Clark’s deeds.

Joel saw much of the same End Times/ Last Days themes that I did:

see HERE.


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