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Stupid Christian Pet Tricks: Blaming Technology for Our Own Sins

Have a problem getting closer to God? Blame it on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. Don’t let that human responsibility and human choice thing get to you.  Find a scapegoat to blame.  Having a four-way affair, with your spouse, your office assistant and his spouse, it’s Facebook’s fault. Obviously.

Thank you Reverend Cedric Miller, for teaching the world a valuable lesson in this oh so dangerous world called the interwebs and BookedFace.  I am sure Christianity could use another hypocritical Christian going around preaching law & order legalism while scape-goating the latest technological fad all in the name of avoiding preaching repentance.  Speaking for the Church universal, we appreciate that; thank you.

I side with the ever vigilant yet ever-so-slightly wrong Joel on Social Networking; it is important for churches to reach out to the world in all possible avenues.  Technology is not the problem. We are.

So say we all.

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