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Quip of the Day: Slajov Zizek

After reading two books and many articles by Zizek, one book about his theology (Adam Kotsko’s Zizek & Theology, as well as various articles about his work, I have something to say.  Zizek says that with that the Incarnation, God’s being transcendent ceases.

After mulling over this claim a few months ago, I came to this conclusion, as an edict straight from Contrarianopolis!

“The Incarnation of Christ does not mean the end of God’s transcendence; on the contrary, it is the VERY BEGINNING.”

After my readings of feminist theology so far for the month of Lent, I can say that this is consistent with what they argue, that God’s majesty isn’t some pie -in-the-sky concept, but rather an imminent mysterious presence in the here & now. It’s no wonder that Zizek has a distaste for gender-inclusive language, given his understanding of a doctrine of transcendence traditionally lifted up by males, even though he does reject it.

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