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In 2015, watch how I soar #whedony #Firefly

For several years now I have made it a yearly habit to make a quote from Joss Whedon’s Firefly my motto for the year. One year it was Jayne Cobb’s “Hey, let’s be bad guys,” another it was Malcolm Reynolds’ “I aim to misbehave,” and last year it was “I can kill you with my mind,” courtesy of River Tam. After a little debate, I decided to go with “I’m a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar”- Hoban Washburne. If you’re not a Browncoat, I am not going to ruin the scene for you but I will say that in 2015, I want to take risks. I do not know if I will be successful or not, but I sure will try. Everyone in my social network is choosing one word to describe their 2015 or what they want to define it, and mine will be: soar.

So from all of us at the PJ collective, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

"I Start Fighting A War, I Guarantee You 'll see Something New" In 2013 #Serenity #Firefly



An example of the Wild West influenced clothin...

An example of the Wild West influenced clothing and weaponry in Firefly and Serenity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Last year, my goal was to follow the way of Jayne Cobb in Serenity, SHINY, LET’S BE BAD GUYS IN 2012, and now this year, in the words of Mal Reynolds to Inarra Serra,
“I Start Fighting A War, I Guarantee You ‘ll see Something New!”

2013 promises to start out strong, with Political Jesus introducing a new logo and a new look. Oh yeah, it’s happening. There will be more theology, more talk about comic books & movies, as well politics, local and national.

I am also resolved to get all of the high fructose corn syrup out of my diet. Let’s hope I can do this, I think I can.

Lastly, I want to get back to being a better sports fan, at least more balanced, watching more sports, but less ESPN or SportsCenter.

Firefly (TV series)

Firefly (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Shiny, Let’s Be Bad Guys in 2012

In 2011, I had rather a tame year; on several occasions there were ample opportunities for me to call out other bloggers for being wrong, and I was just like, whatever, I’ll read your B.S. in apathy.

2012. It’s gonna be a different story. First up, Patheos.

For those of you all that haven’t heard, Patheos has become the Borg of religious blogging; (with a few notable exceptions) with their posts in sounding alike, even their more conservative evangelical sites are quite non-controversial. I didn’t know we lived in a world where all Christians believe in relationality, networking, and theological education…. oh wait….

What’s the big deal about religious understanding? (Peace yes, but under whose terms?- my continual harping at hegemony). I side with David Sehat in this regard, on religious freedom. The USA changed from a country where Protestants were free to establish hegemony to a nation that is free to engage in nonviolent legal, political religious conflict (the culture wars, we call them), where our difference are out in the open, where no one denies them. A free and open space which should resist any form of hegemony, public or free market.

So, I am joining Joel Watts in aiming to misbehave in 2012. There is no amount of money that could lead me to accept an invitation from Belief.Net (yeah, good luck trying to keep commenters there) or Patheos for that matter. The purpose of Political Jesus is for persons to have free access to information and opinions that our audience is interested in. It always has been that way, and always will. It is this principled stand for academic freedom, which includes freedom from corporate influence that causes to ban PJ from its citizenry. Its okay China I’ve already called you out as the next great empire, and you’re just threatened.

Joel has invited others to join his squad of Browncoats:

“Well, why not become a contributor here…

I don’t censor, except for profanity and vulgarity (unless you are talking about the Song of Solomon, of course… or Ruth or Esther…).

First and foremost, I really would like to open up the floor to women. Their voices need to be heard on the blogosphere, especially as it relates to biblical and religious studies.

Also, really looking for people who can focus on science and religion.

Maybe someone to bring a different political spin… or one with more developed political spin…

And maybe an actual Reformed Christian….

Do you have a blog? Well, you can fold it into this one…

Want a wider readership? Well, join this one.

Stop the signal (Patheos)…. Join us…”

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