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Ideology and Idolatry: Scott Bailey and John Howard Yoder agree

Scott Bailey mentioned something yesterday on Twitter, about Ideology and Idolatry.

It reminded me of this quote from John Howard Yoder:

In the politics of rebellious mankind, we are ready to sacrifice persons to causes, even to ideas. General labels like “freedom” or “justice” or “socialism” or “capitalism” “order” or “humanism” become positive or negative values in their own right, cause to combat for or to destroy. The modern word for this is “ideology.” The biblical word that best fits i probably “idol.” In the Spirit of God, the jealous God who wants us to serve none other, there is no such disincarnate or ideal value worthy to demand the sacrifice of the concrete personal and communal values of our real neighbor.

–“The Spirit of God and the Politics of Men” in For the Nations: Essays Public and Evangelical (page 232)

I guess if Scott and Yoder can agree, I guess we can say there is more intelligent life in Canada. Wish I could say the same for Texas.

The Church of Scotteriology: The Canadian Patriotic Bible

Thanks again to Joel’s spot on keen investigation, we now know of the Church of Scotteriology’s official preferred bible translation. The Canadian Patriotic Bible.

For shame, Scott, for shame.

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