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The Church of @Scotteriology: More Blasphemies

You know, I haven’t updated this on-going investigation on the church of Scotteriology, but this latest blasphemy takes the cake.

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/Scotteriology/status/111825484635062274″]


Scott should be found guilty of that unforgiveable sin or something like that……

Sunday Funnies: Who Preached At The Church of Scotteriology Today?

Continuing our on-going investigation into the Church of Scotteriology, the folks that work for PJ have broken new ground into Scott’s guest preacher today.

Don’t believe this Canadian for a minute when he said he doesn’t like Michelle Bachmann. Here is footage of Bachmann’s favorite pastor preaching at the Church of Scotteriology:

Thanks for the heads up, Jiggly Puff Po.

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