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Playing Race Card and the Victim=s Epic Fail

So,Thursday was apparently a day for two of the most anti-intellectual celebrities to voice their idiotic opinions, and get slammed for it.

First Miami Heat superstar LeBron James blamed the media for its “Racist” coverage of the debacle called his exit from Cleveland.  Race? Really? Really? The best you can do is pull a play out of Al Sharpton’s playbook. Give me a break. (And no, I am not an apologist for the sore loser owner of the Cavs either, just someone sick of the race card being drawn at the most arbitrary whim of famous racial minorities).

But the saddest and best piece of news came from CNN; Rick Sanchez made some anti-Judaic comments concerning the media and was removed as an anchor. His rant, like LeBron’s, was the classic “I am a victim, but look at me on t.v.” and he deserved his fate.

Both Sanchez and LeBron=s EPIC FAILURES this week. Ridiculous.