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As long as I have lived in the state of Texas, the one thing that stood out had to be the toxic nature of personal attacks when it comes to state politics. Attack ads, the atmosphere of negativity, and hateful rhetoric when these are lifted up as the norm, only benefit the powers-that-be; in this case, the Republican party. It was really disheartening for me to see candidacies dismissed in public because of candidate’s race (governor’s race of 2002 comes to mind, with the “affirmative action campaign”). Racial diversity was delineated as something that was divisive, even if the candidate at the time was reflective of what Texas will look like in the very near future.

General questions of enfranchisement aside, after boring governor races the past decade or so, this year’s race (which is at the moment getting close, with Wendy Davis within single digits) is becoming far more vicious than I can remember during my time here. It all started last year with the sexist monicker the GOP gave Wendy Davis “Abortion Barbie.” The label of “Barbie” of course is a commentary on Davis’ looks. Texas politics is a good ole boys club, where men would prefer to play with G.I. Joes rather than, ew, girly Barbie dolls. If you want to have a debate on abortion, fine, but how about criticize people for their ideas rather than devalue them for their gender.

Unfortunately, far too often, the cycle of personal attacks is also perpetuated by by Texas liberals and progressives too. The latest ad by the Wendy Davis campaign simply atrocious. I won’t share the video here, because, google is your friend, but the ad starts out, “A tree fell on Greg Abbott.” At that point, you know this campaign video will not be about ideas; it was going to be an ableist personal attack. With all do respect, ableism is NEVER OKAY, first of all. Secondly, ableism is never the answer to sexism. This is why intersectionality is important. Just as the “Abortion Barbie” is derogatory and plays into the mythology that sustains the exclusion of women from Texas politics, so too do the harmful image & oppressive story told by the Davis maintain the system that denies basic access to churches and private businesses to persons with disabilities. In the end, when it comes to Texas’ toxic state politics, all Texans lose.

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Clint Eastwood's Speech To An Empty Chair, Translated

There’s been a lot of confusion on my facebook and twitter timelines, and all of these complaints, begging me to translate Clint Eastwood‘s ramble on last night for the Republican National Convention.

So, here goes.

1st: I can haz Republicans in Hollywood, too. *applauds, didn’t sooooo know like rich people could vote in their interests!*

2nd: Something something something about Mitt Romney being as bad a Biden on foreign policy

3rd: WE own this country. We the voters. Politicians and lawyers shouldn’t be runnin’ our country. A stellar businessman! Of course! hint hint hint. Corporations need to be in charge of churches and government and everything. No further comment necessary.

4th: Lastly, the movie Gran Turino sucked. I admit that. It was a racist piece of garbage that promoted gun violence and perpetuated racist stereotypes against Asian and Asian-Pacific Islanders. It was also another example of a White Savior movie, just like The Blind Side.

The end.

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Sunday Funnies: Dear Presidential Candidates, Please Stop Singing!

I don’t remember any election cycle where we had a group of candidates try to prove to the American people that they can both run the country and belt a tune. I wish it would stop, but it looks like it’s just beginning. From personal experience, I know tone deaf person when I hear one. When will it all end? Make it stop, please, somebody. Please?

First, I blame Herman Cain, Mr. Pokemon himself:

Then, the President tried to earn his cool card back:

Now, Ole Mitt Romney thinks he can reach Joe Average Voter by singing such benign songs as “Happy Birthday.” See, he isn’t that much of a stiff!