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The Island of Failed TV Pilots and Shows

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Remember when you were a kid, when you first watched Rudolph the Red Nosed-Reindeer for the first time in live clay-mation? And close to mid-way during the show, Rudolph finds the Island of Lost toys, this group of outdated and marginalized set of instruments that had out-lasted their usefulness?

Well, I have decided that some where out there in the multi-verse, there has to be a special place for all of the failed pilots, made-for-tv movies, and cancelled shows.  If I were to own my very own television station, sort of like Oprah and maybe even Al Gore, I’d make a crazy alternative to the SyFy channel. I would take all of the shows that it has hastily cancelled, along with t.v. shows that should have been given a chance with other networks, and make what I would like to call the Nostalgia Network. How does that sound?

Here is a list of shows I would bring back/give a second chance:

1. Firefly. No question about this one folks, I know that the movie Serenity was not enough closure for some folks, and I refuse to read the comic books as an elitist [right Chad? ;-)]. It had a large fan base and continues to be a classic to this day. I myself have just finished the series (all episodes and the movie, and plan on doing a 5 part series on my interpretation of Firefly. 5 drafts are already in the queue. No joke. This is just a tease, I know!

2. Aquaman: The most watched episode of Smallville in Season 5 was Aqua, where Aquaman was introduced. It was the second time an additional superhero other than Clark Kent appeared.  The writers for Smallville, Alfred Gough and Miles Milar, eventually wrote, casted, and produced a pilot for Aquaman the television series.  From the looks of the pilot, the show actually could have been a success, but because of the merger of UPN and the WB networks, Aquaman never made it in the US. Justin Hartley, who we know as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on Smallville actually played AC in the pilot. It would be nice to see Aquaman as a series, or even Hartley as the Green Arrow in a Smallville spin-off, but alas, the CW Network is determined to reach the ever influential emo crowd, with Raven of the Teen Titans.

3. Caprica: Yes, I would bring back the Battler Star Galatica spin-off, but I would force the writers to makes some changes, perhaps a little less dispensationalist doom-and-gloom, how about some cheer?  It’s about 50 years before the world “ends”!  Even in the original BSG in the late 1970s, there were weddings, and kids playing with toys, and gambling; the dreariness kept the show from connecting with a larger fan base. I do hear that a second spin-off is in the works after the web series, Blood and Chrome sometime within the next two years.

If you were to bring back a show or make one, which one would you suggest for the Nostalgia Network?

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