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Jar Jar Binks as the Mark of the Beast: The Evidence

For the record, contrary to certain dissenters, I am not pointing any fingers or naming any names, but Jar Jar Binks was a horrific Star Wars character, and he will go down in Star Wars history as the worst one ever. Also, he represents the worst of the minstrel show Black man racial stereotype. That is my position and I am sticking to it. The “Pre-Quels” will never, ever overtake the actual Star Wars movies. At the most, I will refer to the “prequels” as Pseud0-Star Wars-graphica.

The Anti-Intellectual of the Week: Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia

This week, in addition to my weekly posts (sorta) every Fridays on Frantz Fanon and Michel Foucault, I decided to add a new category for all of the anti-intellectuals of the world. I am not going to limit it to one per week.  There are so many anti-intellectuals posing as astute politicians and know-it-all celebrities, out there, that I cannot keep count.

In what seemed to be an astounding and unwise move politically, Governor Bob McDonnell over Virginia, apparently trying to sway the Confederate vote, omitted any mention of African enslavement from his celebration of the history of Confederate States of America.  Mind you, I am all in favor of recognizing and embracing Southern history, but the CSA is something that should be mourned and regretted.

For Governor McDonnell’s anti-intellectual work in public policy, I declare him the anti-intellectual of the week.