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Just In The Mail: Disunity In Christ By Christena Cleveland @CSCleve

The good folks at Intervarsity Press sent me a review copy of Christena Cleveland’s Disunity In Christ: Uncovering the Invisible Forces That Keep Us Apart. I didn’t even have to request one! Awesome! What a Blessing! Can’t wait to read.



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If Asian Americans Are The Model Minority, Why the Hate on College Campuses?

Asian American service members at a Defense De...

Asian American service members at a Defense Department’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month luncheon in Arlington, VA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why I Hate Sinophobia & Orientalism

First, Asians and Asian Pacific persons are not the only ones who talk in the library, sorry, Alexandra Wallace, but your racism was inexcusable, and you know the whole, I have Asian friends thing, so this is not for them, is so the sign that we were and did hear a racist rant. But this is old news, and of course the old neo-liberal trope of sanctifying racial oppression in the name of “free speech” was UCLA’s response, oh yeah, and a typical liberal white male wag of the finger! Yeah, racism is appalling, so why don’t we do something about it. I think Ohio State had the better response, and this coming from a TCU football fan who has a vendetta against the Buckeyes. It all started with a Tubmblr account that recorded Tweets and Facebook posts of students expressing their pent-up, passive aggressive racism against Asian Americans: OSU Haters.

The question I have is why are Asian Americans being targetted for harassment and personal attacks? I think it has to do with the two-fold problem of the “Myth of the Model Minority”(Asians assimilate, why can’t you?, and they’re good at math!) as well as U.S. American society’s perpetual fear of China. Fear of the Chinese, a far Eastern empire that supersedes American exceptionalism and Western superiority. What if national greatness was embodied in “yellow” foreign bodies that didn’t speak English as a first language? It’s a lot to process and brings on a lot of anxiety. The Model Minority Myth probably gained a few believers after the Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior article in the Wall Street Journal last year. Chinese (and subsequently all other Asian parents in the USA) don’t allow their kids to have any fun, they have to study Mathematics instead so they can take “our” engineering jobs. Children’s self-discipline comes before self-image. The Eastern/Asian/Oriental Other Parent is remains the Other, forever the quixotic marginal anti-Western values. It is ironic that Asian immigrants are seen through the lens and compared to European immigrants and their history in the U.S., and that the Myth of the Model Minority spreads the lie that Asian Americans and persons of Asian-Pacific descent have made it. Economics, the fear of having a smaller wallet is the leading cause of such anxiety on college campuses. Like the guys from South Park, “Dey Took Our Jerbs!”

But no, the myth of the Model Minority is untrue, it means a rejection of observing Asian-Americans as a unique community with different experiences, and instead continuing to make European experiences as the primary filter by which we understand the world. Ohio State is on the right track, as they had an open conversation on racism on their campus, Ohio State: No Place for Hate: OSU Haters Tumblr. There were a few haters, who found out that their rants may go on their record and prevent them to get a job, who had a sudden change of heart. Money talks, even to racists.

Thanks to Angry Asian Man for the heads up.

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50 Shades of Confederate Grey: Rape Culture And Slavery

And Why This Angry Negro Blogger Stays Away From Comedy Clubs


I have decided to do a follow-up post to this morning’s (real early this morning) post in response to The GOSSIP Gospel Coalition. It is bad enough that The Gospel Coalition’s Jared C. Wilson, and subsequently White Supremacist philosophy Doug Wilson, are getting all of this attention. I agree with Brian LePort, The TGC has our attention again, and not in the best of ways [see his post linked]. I think the TGC is like that one kid in kindergarten that just does anything for attention, even if it’s bad. Any kind of publicity and attention is a good thing. They are just witnessing to “God-centered” ministry and theology. Even after a number of comments protesting the TGC’s endorsement of Wilson’s perverted teachings on sexuality and marriage, [editor’s note: as suspected but not hoped, the Gospel Coalition took down the offending post, in it’s stead, today, 7/21/12, I offer the JPEG version here(if you want the PDF version, you can email me: TGC responds with a “you all can’t read and freedom of speech means no criticism” post. Jared Wilson, the author of the post, in comments on Rachel Held Evans’ blog and on TGC denies any relationship between Wilson’s commentary on sex and his views on race and the enslavement of African Americans from US History’s past.

As a follow-up, I would like to add some more commentary. I see that this is now necessary to show “the World” and “non-Christians” that there is a different kind of Christianity, that gives testimony to non-violence and the mutuality between genders. I think in particular I would like to look at the relationship between rape culture and U.S. American slavery within the history of racism.

A Southern Baptist blogger, Wade Burleson [his post linked here] did not only agree with me about Wilson’s racism but also Jared Wilson’s and the TGC’s soft stance on 50 Shades of Grey:

And I quote, from Burleson:

“The pornographic book 50 Shades of Grey is revolting to me. The only thing worse is Doug Wilson’s views on sex and marriage in his book Fidelity, views endorsed and praised by The Gospel Coalition.”

Now, I do realize that TGC is arguing that there is a “nuanced” difference here, between the promotion of adult erotic literature and what happens in the Christian bed room. No one is saying anything differently. What I am going to argue, and what critics are arguing, is that men’s fantasy of rape and the TGC’s blaming on society of loose morals, is BLAMING THE VICTIM, usually women, as if men have no role in raping women. It is women’s fault if they get sexually assaulted, and that’s the message Dough Wilson and TGC are sending. What is the difference between Daniel Tosh and the Christians so-called at TGC? TGC silences rape victims in the name of god, while Tosh does it in the name of comedy and the free market.

Now, in the same “nuanced” fashion that Doug Wilson treats women who have been victims of rape, Wilson uses the same brand of pseudo-scientific arguments to promote slavery as a righteous Christian endeavor. Using Confederate double-speak, Wilson will say both that racism is wrong and that the Confederacy was right with one breath according to his essay, Southern Slavery, As It Was. In Wilson’s own words, “Slavery as it existed in the South … was a relationship based upon mutual affection and confidence. … There has never been a multiracial society which has existed with such mutual intimacy and harmony in the history of the world.” See there, he can say that the slaves enjoyed “Southern Hospitality” and lift up the virtues of enslavement without a smile on his face. Isn’t that nice? For more, read these links on the story of Doug Wilson from University of Idaho and the Southern Poverty Law Center’s profile of Doug Wilson, linked here: Doug Wilson: SPLC profile.

What Wilson does not tell us is that rape is a weapon of war, and that the South had class warfare within itself. Enslaved black women were raped; American slavery was rape culture. If you are to be honest and to want to deal reasonably with the problem of race, we cannot separate it from the history of racism against persons of African descent. Joel is right, we gotta call it what it is: by any other name, it is rape. I do not wish for the Gospel Coalition to listen to Scot McKnight and take down this post; instead, they need to keep it up, and keep defending their position. This is the only way people will start seeing TGC for who they really are. The TGC has their own history of “providentially disappearing posts” in order to hide their true selves. It’s time they start coming out. This is the face of “God-centered” churchianity: anti-women, misogynist, and giving platforms to pro-Confederacy racists.

Now, there’s been a lot of talk ever since I started blogging about my aggressive “ad hom” style “shouting in the wind” but let me ask you honestly: are all of my posts that way? Or do some posts draw people’s emotions out that they can’t seem to confront their blind-spots or their inability to think critically?

To the victims of rape, male and female, I offer you this word: rape is not god’s will. sexual assault and violence is not god’s intention for your life. sexual abuse is not a part of “god’s plan.” In fact, these are violations of God’s will. God does not enjoy sin. God does not endorse domestic violence. God is hope. God is life. God is love. If you or someone you know are in these situations, please seek help, it doesn’t have to be a religious institution; but a third party is mostly always a good choice.

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