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Quote of the Day: Francis Beckwith on David Barton

Thank you, Francis Beckwith, Baylor professor and blogger at Return To Rome (which I do follow).

I owe Amanda Mac thanks for sharing this quote on facebook and twitter.

Case closed.

“At some point you have to stop blaming the liberal establishment for all the crappy stuff that dominates popular Christianity. When Ken Ham is your scientist, David Barton is your historian, and Bill Gothard is your pastor of spiritual formation the problem isn’t the liberal academic establishment, it’s you.”

Francis Beckwith commenting on the The Gospel Coalition’s post on Barton

Mark Lewis Taylor on Revolutionaries as Purists

I felt last week that this post was relevant, but given the comments on my more political facebook statuses as well as the polemic I encountered last week about my politics, I thought I would quote Mark Lewis Taylor, for my conversants have in common this: they are puritanical revolutionaries, in that they believe that the only way the world will change will be as if everyone thinks and acts like them. Since I have been on an “impurity” streak lately like with my postcolonial appropriation of the Chalcedon Paradigm or my post on ECUMENISM AND CHRISTIAN IDENTITY.

Anyways, here goes:

“Recognizing this common humanity, seeking some way to love enemies while resisting them, is to allow to die that form of revolutionary purism marked by a facile oppositionalism.[…]The purism that thinks only in terms of opposition and binary terms of resistance will not forge a resistance complex enough to engage effectively today’s complex and multiform strategies of imperial control. ” The Executed God, page 14

An authentic revolution is driven by enemy-love, and not just dualistic terms of thinking. Seeing ourselves in the other, rather than dehumanizing or closing ourselves completely to our worldview simply because we disagree will not lead to any sort of change. Change only happens when we open ourselves to the Other, no matter how risky that might be.

Quote of the Day

Haley Barbour

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

[A friend (word has been editted)] noticed my status on Gmail about Haley Barbour’s tendency to support racist causes (let’s call a spade, a spade).

He provided the following quote:

Mississipi is kind of a foreign country though
it’s like Iran, you just gotta let it go

For more, see my post on Haley Barbour and the Southern Strategy

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