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Poll Results/Decision for Blog Posts of Note

The other day I posted a poll asking what should I do with Blog Posts of Note.  16% said I should keep it, 16% said no, I should not keep it, and  a whooping 67% suggested, “What’s the point if most bibliobloggers ignore women’s blogs anyhow?”; I take it my cynicism is shared. I may bring back Blog Posts of Note at a later date, but for now it is on hold.

Don’t worry, I still read women’s blogs, even if they are written by women [sarcasm].

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Weekday Poll: Cellphone Service

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So, I have come to the crossroads. Its that time every two years, where A T&T asks me to renew my contract. I have been pretty satisfied with A T&T, but are there any better options. I am a PC fanatic, and right now, any iPhone is out of my price range.

So, should I renew with A T&T or wait out my contract to change companies in March?

If I wait, which company and why?

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Weekend Poll: Julian Assange

Picture of Julian Assange during a talk at 26C3
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What do you think of Julian Assange?

Libertarian Anarchist? Freedom Fighter? Traitor? Or Terrorist?

Or, Internationally Wanted Sex Criminal?

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