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Yahweh’s Blue Yonder: Those Deep Sea Blues

Just as important in any movement of social justice is art. I’ve always been fascinated by the role of art and narrative in movements of social justice.

As such, I’ve decided to contribute my own creative writing work into the fray of beings who literally are unable to speak for themeselves.  I was inspired by the documentary, ‘Blackfish’ and the subject is Tilikulm- amongst the most tortured beings held in captivity.


So without further ado, I present to you:

‘Those Deep Sea Blues’

Thrilled, wowed amazed…

My eyes, the audience, the world – they gaze…

That majestic tail, that erect fin, the black purity of his skin


 SPLASH! The glittering droplets with each crash, glide and flip through the water – gasp!

But should you peak into his eyes, you catch a glimpse of his demise


in his eyes…

the maelstrom of a young man missing his mama

    the anguish of abeing the priviledge porpoise

The thunderous clap, the roaring praise

SPLASH! The beloved creature dives back down into the azure mask, away from the crowd

His deep blue tears mix with the water’s deep blue hues as he steady hums those deep sea blues


“Listen! It’s the voice of someone shouting, “Clear the way through the wilderness for the LORD! Make a straight highway through the wasteland for our God!”

– Isaiah 40:3, New Living Translation

Imagine that you were trained from youth to keep a busy schedule. You are socialized to inform others of how busy you are. Time is money. Time is precious. You’re wasting valuable time. Time is OF the essence. The time is nigh. There is no MARGIN for error. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

With this being pressed for time, you also have little space. No space available. No ROOM in the INN. Time for Spring cleaning. You need to look for a new place because you have so much stuff. Or a newborn child. Infants have to leave their cribs as they grow up to be toddlers. You’re on the EDGE of your seat. This couch is too small.

But hey, at least you get a pat on the back at school. You’ve never had your existence questioned. You always get to read books written by people who look like you. Now you get to college. Maybe grad school. You encounter students who disagree with you. Professors question your assumptions. You may begin to express yourself on facebook, or even start a blog and your audience gives you applause. There’s some pushback. Critics come and go. They may relent on their own. They may get blocked if they are considered too hostile (usually deserving it).

In each of these three instances, there’s no room for margin. In Sunday School class, we have been learning about practices for self-care. The primary text our teacher is referring is The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith. One quote was shared that I liked, “When we lack margin, it is our own doing and is a sure sign we have stepped outside the kingdom.”

Have you made room for those living on the edge? Have you made time to listen to the marginated Others? Has the wilderness been cleared to hear the voice of God?

Mandatory: A Christian Maundy Thursday Reflection

Simon Ushakov's icon of the Mystical Supper.

Simon Ushakov’s icon of the Mystical Supper. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Holy Week. What is holiness? Is it about our personal feelings and experiences, our subjectivities and freedom? disruptive: mandatory.

What is Holy Week? What is a week? Keep the Sabbath, remember it, set it apart for you, your family, the foreigners in your land (the aliens, strangers), as well as your forced laborers. disruptive: mandatory.

What is Maundy Thursday? Mandatory. Jesus gave commands to his disciples to go find a man who had a house where they could celebrate the Jewish Passover. Why were they celebrating the Passover? disruptive: mandatory.

Remember that YHWH is the Lord your God, and that YHWH was the one who rescued you from Egypt.

Mandatory. Memory. Remember. Demanding. This is God’s Son’s precious gift to us all: the gift of a memory, and in that moment, a mandate. This mandate is to give ourselves and our possessions to others as God has given Godself to us. Holy Week, because its not about us, its about God’s Son, Christ Jesus. One thing that God requires this week for the Church, and that is to remember for those who are able, to focus our lives on the Cross, a gruesome act of violence, to behold it, and to look out at others outside ourselves who are suffering.

What do these perishing bodies say to us?

disruptive: mandatory

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