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God Made Another Super Patriotic Truck Ad For the #SuperBowl!

Today, I found myself in the middle of some serious, if not heated discussions via text message and facebook and twitter (what’s new?) about the Dodge “God Made A Farmer” ad during the Super Bowl. Apparently, asking one simple question about the commercial apparently is enough to offend some people to “unfriend” me or whatever. I care not. Here’s what I do care about. First things first, if you enjoyed the ad, no I don’t think you’re racist or whatever. More power to you. Second, if a multinational corporation makes a claim about God in public, as a Christian intellectual, it is my duty to ask questions. No claim about God is ever innocent or objective. None. Ever. This is coming from a Jesus-following, bible-believing, creed-affirming Christian. Just because it looks like a company is saying good things about “god” or people does not mean they are about reproach or criticism.

1st, So I ask Dodge Ram, which “god” made the farmer you are referring to in this ad? Which “god” are you talking about?

2nd, simply put, how did the farmers get their land? How did “god” provide land for these farmers? Was it perhaps the Homestead Act that Abraham Lincoln signed in 1862 so that whites could be squatters and “settlers” on First Nations Peoples’ land? Was it Manifest Destiny? The Trail of Tears? A Plantation? I want to know, just how did “god” provide land for his ELECT White American male farmer?

The 2nd question gets folks tongue-tied, cuz they don’t want to answer the question. Look, I am sick of revisionist history. I have had to deal with this BS all of my life, ever since third grade. I had to educate myself on the history of African Americans and Native Americans starting then. Social studies classes for elementary schools are sugar-coated and dishonest all in the name of nationalism.

The Super Bowl is a favorite national past-time. Football many claim is a religion. This claim, as I stated above is not an innocent truth claim. Football is part of a nationalistic religion, starting from junior high, pep rallies prepare the young to be subservient patriots not willing to criticize their country, for the good of the team! I like to watch football and the Super Bowl like everyone else, but I refuse to stay quiet when I see blatant nationalism prancing around as innocent agrarian nostalgia.

Here’s the transcript for Paul Harvey’s Future Farmers of America speech in 1978

My Uncensored Thoughts on the Olympics and Patriotism


I have to get some things off my chest.  I love Team USA basketball, Gabby Douglas, and Serena Williams like all of America does, but let me be clear hear. The Olympic Games, from the Opening ceremonies to the Closing, no matter which country is hosting them, is an event in militarism, nationalism and corporatism all rolled up into one.

Think about this. For the umteenth time during the closing ceremonies, Bob Costas and Matt Lauer wonder aloud, see how wonderful it is that all of us countries are getting together to play nice. Shouldn’t we all be as one like that John Lennon song? To this, I must add a Barthian emphatic NO! First of all, under whose terms and agreements are the, what 7 billion people of the world going to assent to be unified? As I watched the Olympics in limited but critical fashion, I did some wondering of my own: “Why were Bob Costas and Matt Lauer the voices for America at NBC?” It certainly was not their vast knowledge of world history!

The Olympics are products dedicated to hegemony. Everyone must conform to this or that standard, and hey, look everybody, we now have peace! It’s not the Olympics themselves I find offensive, it is the mythology behind it: the idea that humanity work together to create some peaceful utopian society, without there ever having been any sort of conflict. In short, nations have to continually lie to each other, as if somethings never happened, oh, like colonialism (hey, let’s laugh at that white British guy dancing with those Indians!), and that international political bodies such as the United Nations and the International Olympics Committee do not have biases against non-western nations (a round of applause for China everyone, everyone–and you still can’t read this blog when you’re in that country, just a friendly reminder).

Also, I just wonder what Britain’s military had to do with the Olympics. I thought we were celebrating peace and harmony and all that jazz? Do we really need to have Two-Thirds world countries like Afghanistan and Iraq see vivid memories of their occupiers? The one good thing out of this year’s Olympics was that women were represented from every participating country. The bad news? The Spice Girls felt it was time for a reunion. #FAIL. The performers at this year’s games were a tribute to how successful really good agents are.

To see how extreme “patriots” get for the Olympics, how about that guy from Fox News, you know, when the USA won in women’s gymnastics. What was his commentary? Gabby Douglas and her friends aren’t patriotic enough. Really? Really? Do you think someone is over-compensating a bit too much? Thanks David Webb, that’s a real tea-bagging douche canoe thing to say! The sad part in all of this is that David Webb was named after the guy the government changed into Jason Bourne.

Fox New, proudly patriotic once more, displayed the best taste when discussing Serena Williams’ C-Walk after her victory. She can never be a patriot in their eyes cuz she’s black, but she can be criticized for being a thug: Thanks Fox News, now I know what the Olympics are all about.

So, Gabby Douglas’ hair isn’t like white people’s, she’s not patriotic enough, and she talks about Jesus too much. I think the latter speaks for itself. If you talk about Jesus, you have the means of resisting nationalism, hero worship and consumerism. Especially since Christ defeated the Gods of Mount Olympus!


Hey, but no worries. Everything is peachy-keen, and a-okay! Now back to your delayed-scheduled  t.v. programming.

Olympics on NBC



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Worse Than The Patriot's Bible: David Barton's The Founders' Bible

At this point, I just don’t see any renewal of Christianity taking place in the United States without the demon of nationalism being exorcized. Three years ago, it was the The Patriot’s Bible oh that just so happened to be printed with the rise of the Tea Party. Now, just in time for the 2012 elections, we have the The Founders’ Bible brought to us by the same people who gave us William P. Young’s The Shack. If you wanna know how I feel about that book, just look at the very top header, and my series on that subject (spoiler alert: it’s not about its theology, but its view of humanity).

The Founders’ Bible will be promoting the idea that “America stands at the crossroads of human history, once revered and respected throughout the world for its exception­alism, a gleaming “city set on a hill” as a beacon of enduring freedom” and it now more than ever needed since America is a victim of so much persecution ( I call playing the Victim Card for $200, Alex). It’s gonna have propaganda articles written by “noted signature historian David Barton, the Founder and President of WallBuilders.”

This is so sad; as many scholars and thinkers have noted, David Barton continues to whitewash history, spread lies and propaganda all to profit for his Dominionist agenda. It’s disgusting to see Christianity in the USA become so desperate for leadership it has to rely on a lying propagandist. Shiloh Road Publishers makes me sick.

Joel Watts has also added his commentary on the subject.