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Just Got From The Mail: Occupy Spirituality #OWS

I received a review copy of Occupy Spirituality: A Radical Vision for A New Generation co-written by Adam Bucko and Matthew Fox.

I plan to review this book in exchange for the review copy. No guarantees of an endorsement, however, I am excited to read this book given my interest in economics and spirituality.

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#OccupyDCComics: #DCComics To Have An #OWS Inspired Series

This news was forwarded to me by a commenter at PJ, and I thought I would share it. I feel this is exciting news on a number of fronts. I just simply love it when politics and pop culture just come together to make beautiful music in the war of ideas. Since this series is going to be about Class and the question whether money can make you happy or not, I have no doubts there will be theological implications for this conversation. A win-win!

Hopefully, DC can take the opportunity to re-boot Icon, the black Republican Superman from Mile Stone Comics.

icon v superman

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See Bryan Young’s post at the Huffington Post: Exclusive: DC Comics Reveals Two New Politically-Charged Books as well as his interview with Batgirl’s Gail Simone at Big Shiny Robot