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Individual Mandate in Healthcare Reform Ruled Unconstitutional

Oh bless my anti-imperial libertarian soul!

Some good news about the Healthcare “Reform” law that was passed.  Obamacare takes it first, of what I see as many hits to come.

“A federal judge in Richmond today has ruled in favor of Virginia’s challenge to the federal health-care law, striking down the mandate that requires nearly every American to purchase insurance or face a penalty.”

For more, see here.

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A Prediction for Obamacare

The Supreme Court is going to get its revenge.

Remember the State of the Union Address?

Well, when the newly passed Obamacare in the House, gets passed in the US Senate, it is going to get a challenge from believers in the US Constitution.  And not only will the US Constitution prevail, Congress will get reprimanded.

Just you watch.

Truth and Peace,


You Have Been Bamboozled: The Coffee Party Movement

The video above is one of my favorites scenes from the movie Malcolm X. Less than two weeks ago, I found the Coffee Party Movement on facebook. I had my suspicions, but I withheld them out of patience.

And the patience was worth it. It turns out that it is not a grass root organization randomly started by a non-partisan citizen, but rather a political operative who volunteered for the Obama presidential campaign.  This was hardly a surprise.  Here is more information: here and here.

Not surprised at all on this one. Antony said it best: “Kool-Aid party, anyone?”

Truth and Peace,