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The Green Bay Packers Won Last Night and Golden Tate is a Liar

A few comments on the Packers/Seahawks game last night. First, Green Bay won in the eyes of everyone who knows the rules of American football. The replacement referees stole victory from the jaws of victory last night from Cheesehead Nation.

I think what makes the situation even worse is that Golden Tate was praising g*d and then lying to the whole public. Just disgraceful:

Also, why doesn’t Golden Tate know the rules about teams having to come back out to try extra points at the end of the game? Was he really trying to play ignorant all the way through?

Dear Roger Goodell,

Please get the professional NFL referees back to come do their jobs. These replacements are a disgrace.

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@FoxNews : Critics of Tim Tebow are like the Segregationists!

Tis the season for the War on Christmas, and hating Christians everywhere! Oh, and yah, and did you know critics of Tim Tebow are just like the segregationists who opposed the Civil Rights Movement?

That’s the illogic of Fox News for you, my friends. In this article, “Why are anti-Christian bigots so eager to prey on Tim Tebow?,” Todd Starnes compares Anthony Bradley, a professor of ethics at an evangelical school (whose black), of being like Bull Connor for criticizing Tim Tebow.

“Perhaps the good professor would suggest Christians enter restaurants through the back door and use separate drinking fountains?”

Ummmmm. What, come again, Todd? Who brought up race in all of this? This is about religion, right? Oh wait. Let’s make that white privileged move to compare every struggle to the Civil Rights movement.

It’s so funny how Mr. Starnes can compare Bradley to pro-segregationists (even though he is black, right?) when Starnes ends his post with a rather racialized conclusion:

“At the end of the day, though, which NFL star would you want your little boy idolizing? A dog killer? A guy who beats up his girlfriend? Someone who is communicable? Or a man who loves Jesus, helps orphans and builds hospitals for the needy?

I’ll take Tim Tebow in my huddle any day.”

HUmmmm, pray tell? Who is the Dog Killer? Oh, and Someone that is communicable? You mean someone who is not those inarticulate, uneducated black athletes, like Michael Vick, right?

I hope Tim Tebow fans can call out Starnes for his racially biased defense of #tebowing.

When Millionaires Go On Strike: The NBA & NFL Lockouts

For those who do not keep up with sports. Here is my version of the NFL and NBA lockouts.

UPDATE **Author’s note– I was reminded that strike is not completely true, and I concede that fact. The owners made the choice in both instances of locking out their employees from their places of employment. ESPN on the Lockout. **

The National Football League:

Since March, the NFL’s owners (the billionaires who lose money) and the players (the millionaires who make money) have been in dispute about a couple of things. The owners are offended that a player who gets drafted, who is unproven, makes way too much money (up to over $50 mill without even having played a single down). The owners, in the drive for profit, want the players to play 18 regular season games instead of 16, and eliminate 2 of the currently 4 pre-season games (games, scrimmages that do not really count unless you do not make the team, then you are just sent home). The players have concerns with the new schedule, especially when it comes to health concerns for playing such a long season, along with worries about medical insurance benefits, and wanting an increase in the size of the rosters for each team, it seems that the talks between the two parties are going backward.

The National Basketball Association:

Story is pretty easy. Ever wonder why the Lakers are on national television the most? Well, that’s because teams negotiate individually with the networks to get air time. Of course, the teams with the most money and the most bandwagon fans loyal followers will get the most media attention. This happens because the NBA does not have revenue sharing, and this leads to 22 (supposedly) of 30 teams losing money. It is very similar to the lockout crisis for Major League baseball a few years back, when the MLB was going to get rid of the Twins and the Royals (sigh, I can dream, can’t I?). So, now there is a deadlock over how will the league share its revenue among the teams and among the players and owners.