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Doctor Who's Alternate New Calvinist Timeline

*The only way I could respond to this TL is with humor.

Doctor Who’s Alternative New Calvinist Timeline

To see the full timeline, download the PowerPoint here: Doctor Who’s Alternate New Calvinist Timeline


3616 B.C.: In the Beginning, The Doctor hears God say “Hip Hop Music is good.”

First written in 1175 A.D.

1175 A.D.: Joshua Harris writes “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” and is placed under a sleeping spell by The Doctor (who used his Sonic Screwdriver) to wake up in the 20th century. As Harris brings back courtship, he ruins the lives of desperate Christian men everywhere.

1721 A.D.: Revivalist Jonathan Edwards tells the Doctor that he is going to bloody hell but Jesus loves you. But he really, really, really wants to destroy you. And if you’re white, God wants you to own black people as slaves!

1845 A.D.: In Augusta, Georgia, a group of slave owners decide to start their very own denomination called the Southern Baptist Convention.

nazi confederate flag

1866 A.D.: The Doctor witnesses God putting His stamp of approval on The Lost Cause.

2005 A.D.: The Doctor discovers that Paleoconfederate Doug Wilson’s rewriting “Southern Slavery As It Was” as the still White Supremacist propaganda “Black And Tan” is a fixed point in time and cannot be erased by John Piper’s 2013 declarations that Wilson “doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.”

*Several thanks a few friends who helped inspire me to write this post.

Black Christians And Calvinism

Some Blog Posts of Note for the Week of January 6th, 2013

This week, blog posts on Calvinism, Reformed theology, and race (ahem, and gender) that showed up on my radar. Here are some interesting links:

African Americans And Big God Theology by Jemar Tisby

The Big God Lie and Why It’s Dangerously Wrong by T.C. Moore

The Hole In Jonathan Edwards Holiness by T.C. Robinson

Some Humans Are More Equal Than Others: Joshua Harris by Sarah Moon

The Worst Book On Racial Reconciliation. Ever. By T.C. Moore

Interviews with the Reformed African American Network at Thabiti Anyabwile’s blog at the TGC

Our Culture Of Fear Of Different Cultures by Christena Cleveland

“From a survival perspective, it is adaptive for people to stay alert to negative information; in order to stay safe, you need to be aware of the dangers. However, from a Kingdom perspective, it is adaptive for members of the body of Christ to stay alert to positive information about others. In order to stay unified, we need to override our natural tendency to focus on what we perceive to be negative information about other groups and instead stay alert to the positive information that they bring to the table of faith.”

– Christena Cleveland

Sunday Funnies: My Case to For Me Winning a Badge of Honor

This week at The Gossip Coalition and Reclaiming White Fundamentalism, a few of my comments/links were moderated and banned.

I suppose if I was leveling insults and being rude, it would be called for. However, I think it had more to do with Neo-Calvinists and their inability to be self-critical. My comments that threatened the entire worldview for these folks included (paraphrased),

“At the blog you referred to on comment 14, Joel is actually a Methodist, and Jeremy is Catholic.”

Or the ever faith-denying statement,

“I can’t wait for the stoning to take place. I really don’t think Tim Tebow is teaching some form of prosperity gospel.”

And with that, I think I should win an award for being so brave. Right, Craig?

I consider it victory to be blocked by both blogs. Means I am doing something right.