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Forthcoming Blog Series: Religion & The Healthcare Reform

The Bible, Political Theology, and Healthcare Reform

Just a head’s up, a select group of Bibliobloggers and I are going to study and post on religious reflections about the Healthcare debate.

I think we should all keep this to a discussion about Scripture and POLICY, and not about singling out any one politician.  I think that was part of the problem with my past reflections on HCR. Feel free to join us in this conversation.  I promise to keep you updated on all of the posts.

Any other suggestions?

Sunday Funnies: Was the Heritage Foundation a Communist Front in the 1990s?

DISCLAIMER: I do not believe in the individual mandate for free market reasons, it’s a way for impose insurance companies on the lives of more people.

This week, during the GOP debate in Nevada, the Republican candidates finally had to admit the truth about President Obama’s healthcare reform plan and its individual mandate. The conservative think-tank The Heritage Foundation, with the downfall of the Soviet Union and the competition out of the way, promoted socialism as early as 1989. I know, a shocking revelation. Self-styled Conservatives, promoting “Big Government,” who knew?

The Wall Street Journal has the details here. Unmistakeably, this is a blow to the legitimacy of Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney as conservatives opposing “Obamacare. Meanwhile, the Tea Party and it’s soon-to-be candidate, Texas Governor Rick Perry have consistently considered an ‘individual mandate’ as a form of socialism—something I do not even know the definition of anymore.

Its just so funny to see “anti-red” conservatives squabbling over whose the socialist. Can’t say Obama is the communist marxist secret Muslim anti-Christ anymore, can they? (that’s a reference to Uncle Ruckus of The Boondocks) Quick, someone alert Craig Carter of this new Communist threat!

Individual Mandate in Healthcare Reform Ruled Unconstitutional

Oh bless my anti-imperial libertarian soul!

Some good news about the Healthcare “Reform” law that was passed.  Obamacare takes it first, of what I see as many hits to come.

“A federal judge in Richmond today has ruled in favor of Virginia’s challenge to the federal health-care law, striking down the mandate that requires nearly every American to purchase insurance or face a penalty.”

For more, see here.

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